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Marketing in the Participation Age: A Guide to Motivating People to Join, Share, Take Part, Connect and Engage By Daina Middleton, Global CEO, Performics

“Organizations that understand how to inspire people to participate online keep them coming back. So, I set out on a journey to develop a simple framework, one that would guide marketers to success in this new, not-so-simple environment.” –Daina Middleton

There's a science behind what motivates individuals. Modeled after the Self-Determination Theory, a sociological concept that is hundreds of years old, Daina Middleton identified and adapted the Self-Determination Theory principles as powerful activators in this new age of digital marketing and two-way relationships with customers.

Middleton’s framework, The Participation Way, helps you work with three interrelated elements to create a new way of marketing altogether. By building programs that incorporate all three elements, brands manifest increased participation and performance and gain the competitive advantages required to compete in today’s complex, connected digital world.

So how does it work?


The Participation Way Elements can help you unlock Participation:

Discover: People have an innate desire to learn new ideas and demonstrate competence in their skills and abilities. Campaigns and content that help your participants feel smarter, or help them “win,” can also help them purchase and share with more confidence and frequency.
Empower: Everyone is motivated to participate when we have a truly vested interest. From a marketer’s perspective this means creating an environment where actions, desires and preferences are supported and feedback is truly valued. Empowerment isn't just about empowering people to buy more of your product, it’s about allowing them an equal seat at the table in the relationship.
Connect: Sure, you want people to connect with your brand—but there’s potentially more value when you foster connections and relationships among people with each other. It’s the whole idea behind community building. Connecting with others who have a similar interest provides participants with immediate contextual support for empowerment and discovery.
Participation & Performance (P2): Performance is driven by participation and succeeds wildly beyond standard advertising programs that live in a vacuum or follow traditional “reach and frequency” methods. Since each of the three elements above is intrinsically linked, brands need all three in order to yield increased participation. Harnassing the power of the Participation Way motivates your participants to action, which creates amplification across potentially millions of connections in today's “social operating system” we call the Internet.
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