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Post by Jamie Kahn, Media Manager


Betas and pilots are new products or trial periods within digital marketing where advertisers can test out new components to optimize or grow their account. Whether it’s a new ad copy extension, an additional audience retargeting option, or a different reporting feature, betas and pilots can be very useful for advertisers to try new things with their account. And by implementing betas and pilots in Paid Search campaigns, brands have the opportunity to explore numerous benefits:

  1. Takes up more real estate on the search engine results page (SERP)

Implementing pilots & betas help push competitors further down SERP. Depending on the beta, some can take up more space than others and can add additional space to a standard ad, which can then push other competitors further down the page.

  1. Increases CTR and overall quality score

Not every digital marketing tactic works well for brands. With different target markets, goals, coverage, etc., it’s important to test pilots and betas to understand what works best. By not testing, marketers will know how the outcome of the tests impacted their brand, leading them to lose out on incremental conversions and/or revenue.


  • Ask your account team! At Performics, we have exclusive partnership status with search engines and other publishers, enabling our clients access to early pilots and betas. We can also provide marketers with the best recommendations for what new betas might work best for their account.
  • Digital marketing blogs and magazines, like Search Engine Land always have the latest updates and details on new pilots and betas being released

“What’s the latest beta you’re trying?”

Bing Action Link Extensions: a simple call-to-action button to the right of an ad, allowing marketers to drive users to a particular page of their site. With a different color background from the rest of the ad, the call-to-action button stands out and captures user attention. There are several action types and suggestions to choose from, so this is an opportunity to be creative.

  • For one Performics client, Action Link Extensions have increased CTR by 65% MoM and have generated incremental revenue


Example of Action Link Extension

Overall, Betas and pilots are an essential piece of Paid Search campaigns. They increase CTR, lower CPCs and make ads look better with more features and information for users.

To learn more about pilots and betas, contact Performics today.

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