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"Search App-ification": The Changing Face of the Google Search Page

Searchers are ditching mass search engines for niche, vertical engines - and Google has responded with their own version of "apps" pushing down organic listings. Read this CMO briefing to learn how to dominate the SERP using Google sponsored apps.

Automated Intuition: Putting Big Participant Into Action

In this CMO Briefing, Performics shares actionable insights on how Advertisers can leverage big data at scale using Google Enhanced Campaigns, retargeting, personalization and Twitter Keyword Targeting

Android Tablet Users Outnumber iPad Users: Key Mobile Trends for Week Ending 6/14/2013

Android tablet users outnumbered iPad users in Q1 2013 by 34 million people, and other mobile trends in this industry update curated by Performics. 

Industry Update: Key Mobile Trends for Week Ending 6/7/2013

According to a new report from Celtra, mobile social rich media delivers 4x higher engagement rates. Uncover more mobile insights in our industry update.

Industry Update: Key Mobile Trends for Week Ending 5/17/2013

Forrester recently reported, "How US Consumers Shop on Mobile Devices," and other insights in this week's industry update on key mobile trends. 

Industry Update: Key Mobile Trends for Week Ending 5/10/2013

Have you heard about Liveclicker's MobileStudio app, giving retailers a way to quickly create product videos? Read this and more in this week's industry update on key mobile trends.

Industry Update: Key Mobile Trends for Week Ending 4/26/2013

eMarketer predicts 15% of online retail sales will take place via mobile devices, and Nielsen's new report, "Advertising & Audiences: state of the Media" focuses on what drives people's TV viewing habits, including multi-screen viewing. Uncover more of this week's mobile trends in this industry update curated by Performics. 

Industry Update: Key Mobile Trends for Week Ending 4/19/2013

Uncover this week's mobile trends in this update including: Adobe's "U.S. Digital Video Benchmark 2012 Review," looking at digital trends that can impact publishers and advertisers; a VivaKi study aimed to determine how certain enhanced tablet ads comparze with standardized versions; and more.  

Industry Update: Key Mobile Trends for Week Ending 4/12/2013

New report shows mobile point-of-sale proximity payments made up .01% of total in 2012, but will be up to 12% by 2018. Foursquare seeks ways to monetize its business by selling data behind 3.5 billion check-ins. Uncover more of this week's mobile trends in this industry update. 

Social Media as a Search Prism

Social behavior drives content, and creates multi-channel "search" dependencies. Jon Wegman shares how to frame social media as a search prism in this presentation.

Industry Update: Key Mobile Trends for Week Ending 3/29/2013

79% of respondents to IDC and Facebook's "Always Connected" survey, keep their phone with them for all but two hours of the day. Google is rolling out a new service called the Full Value of Mobile to help businesses using Google's mobile advertising services. Read through the full update for more of this week's mobile trends.

Industry Update: Key Mobile Trends for Week Ending 3/15/2013

Did you know that 63% of mobile searches trigger an action within one hour of the inital search, according to a Nielsen study released Wednesday? Recent xAd report shows that mobile location-based targeting by advertisers is skyrocketing. Uncover more of this week's mobile trends in this industry update. 

Industry Update: Key Mobile Trends for Week Ending 3/08/2013

Nielsen launched Nielsen Mobile Brand Effect, measuring the resonance of brand advertising within mobile apps. New study by Rhythm NewMedia reveals significant growth in mobile campaigns that incorporated social media calls-to-action. Uncover more insights in this week's mobile trends. 

Industry Update: Key Mobile Trends for Week Ending 3/01/2013

New InMobile study reveals 59% of global mobile web users are now as comfortable with mobiel advertising as they are with TV or online advertising; report also shows, 46% of purchases were made using their mobile device. Uncover more insights from this week's mobile trends. 

Participation Activated: Trends Report Q1 2013

2013 is the year when marketers will activate participant data across screens, at scale, in real-time. The Participation Activated Report shares insights on three major themes to watch for 2013: Automated Intuition, The Human Algorith, and Search App-ification. Read more now. 

Q1 2013 Benchmarking Report

Q1 revealed many insights including 22.3% of total paid search spend in March were from mobile (tablets + smartphones); YoY Paid Search spend growth similar to last quarter and YoY growth of Bing/Yahoo! Paid Search gains YoY. 

Life on Demand Wave 2 - Behavior

48% of respondents say they rely on social network to locate company contact info. 9% of respondents feel breaking up via email is acceptable. This, and other key results from Performics' 2012 Life on Demand Wave 2 Study in this behavior centric infographic.

Life on Demand Wave 2 - Device Use

56% of respondents watch television within the first hour of waking and 20% within the first five minutes. Other key results from Performics' 2012 Life on Demand Wave 2 Study are shared in this device use focused infographic.

Life on Demand Infographic

40% of participants are more comfortable engaging people online and 49% would rather text than call. These are just a few of the key results shared in this infographic from our 2012 Life on Demand study.

Life on Demand Brand Infographic

23% of survey respondents say they follow a brand because they have friends who like it. This, and other key results from Performics' 2012 Life on Demand Study are shared in this infographic.

Life On Demand Summary Deck

Performics presents the summary deck on Life on Demand 2012 study highlighting the most recent results in participant social behaviors.

Presidential Debates Twitter Tossup #2

Who are you voting for? Performics presents results from Twitter conversations on the October 2012 presidential debates.

Presidential Debates Twitter Tossup #1

For the first Presidential debate October 3, 2012, Performics digs in to the Twitter conversations. With Team Obama having 20,502,880 followers and Romney 1,267,088 the Twitter results are surprising.

Social Media Moms - A Study in Social Media Usage and Behavior

How well do you know your "mombassadors?" In this April 2012 infographic, Performics focuses on mom related stats from our recent study on social media usage and behavior.

Mobile Search Trends and Best Practices - Feb 2012

Mobile Search is growing, and is critical to driving in-store traffic. Performics shares best practices for shaping your mobile search campaign. 

Performics Industry Alert - Google Encrypted Search

It isn't easy to keep up with all the industry changes. Performics shares in this November 2011 Industry Alert, on how Marketers should respond to Google encrypting all search inquiries.

Performics Industry Alert - Why Your Brand Needs a Google+ Page Now

In this November 2011 Industry Alert, Performics shares on why a Google+ page is imperative to leverage your brand.

Performics Industry Alert - SEO Implications of Google's Freshness Algorithm

How do you maintain "freshness" visibility with the Google algorithm change? In this November 2011 Industry Alert, Performics shares on the best SEO practices to maintain visibility.

Performics Industry Alert- Google Bottom Ads: How will they impact search?

Performics knows it's hard to guess how Bottom Ads will impact your search campaign. In this November 2011 POV, we share ways for your brand to maintain search impact with the Bottom Ads Google change.

El Voz Hispanic Online Participation Trends

Performics looks into Hispanic social media and online participation trends in this October 2011 POV. There are ample opportunities for brands to leverage when better understanding your participant.

Performance Marketing Strategies to Engage Online Hispanics

Performics explores five performance marketing strategies to energize your Hispanic participant base in this October 2011 POV.

Social Shopping: Participant Behaviors and Preferences on Social, Shopping and Deal Sites

Did you know that 62% of participants do competitive price research while at a retail location? Performics reveals participant insights with social, shopping and deal sites in this October 2011 Infographic.

Performics CMO Briefing - Informational Video In Search Opportunity

With over 1.5 million monthly searches for "how to tie a tie", there are ample marketing opportunities for brands. In this September 2011 POV, Performics answers what search marketing opportunities exists.

Holiday Search Strategies- Black Friday is Closer than You Think

What strategies should you have in place for the holidays? In this September 2011 POV, Performics explores what you should be doing to stay ahead of your holiday search strategy.

Performics POV: Google Plus 1 Button and Implications for Advertisers

Performics examines the Google+ 1 button and the search implications and opportunities for marketers in this July 2011 POV.

Google+ and Social Search: Great Potential, Greater Challenges

In this July 2011 POV, Performics shares insights on the opportunities and challenges for search marketers with the creation of Google+.

Performics POV: Safe Linking Building

There are good ways, and there are best. Performics shares the best safe link building tactics in this April 2011 POV.

Performics POV: The Tablet Revolution

Using social listening data from CGM sites to evaluate social tablet conversations, this June 2011 Performics analysis shares on who and why wants a tablet, as well as key drivers.

Performics POV: Participatory Search, Bing Social Search Enhancements

Truly exemplifying the relationship between Facebook and Microsoft, Bing's SERP highlights "Liked" results. The marketing implications are shared in this May 2011 POV.

Performics POV: Safe Linking Building

There are good ways, and there are best. Performics shares best safe link building tactics in this April 2011 POV.

Google Content Farm Update

Performics examines the search implications of Google's "Farmer update" , and how this ranking algorithms change affects brands. In this March 2011 POV, Performics shares on how to go about creating unique and relevant content.

Google Paid Search Instant Previews

With Instant Previews helping searchers decide which result is most relevant, find out how our Landing Page Optimization team can help you get the most out of your search campaign in this March 2011 POV.

Search Engine Marketing Strategies for Valentines Day

Love is in the air and in search with this February 2011 POV that shares the insights you need to be prepared for a successful SEO and PPC Valentine's Day campaign.

Client Strategy: Plugging into Social Media for Higher Search Rankings

SERP now includes content from the brand owner and content that is influenced by the searcher (participant) through their social channels. In this January 2011 POV, Performics shares strategies on how to influence SERP results with a deeper understanding of social search.

Performics POV: Facebook Messaging

Remember how we used to keep boxes of letters for friends? In this November 2010 POV, Performics shares insights on Facebook's new twist to an old idea with Facebook Messaging.

Performics POV: Google Place Search Implications

With Google Place local search results have been enhanced. How does this affect your business? Performics suggests adding a picture for each business location to occupy more valuable SERP real estate. This and other recommendations are shared on how to maintain brand visibility in this October 2010 Performics POV.

Performics POV: Google Instant SEM and SEO Implications

What are the paid and natural search implications of Google Instant? In this September 2010 POV, Performics reviews best practices for managing your digital presence with Google Instant changes.

Performics POV: Google Instant Previews

Google recently added Instant Previews to their results, but doesn't count the preview as a click, so marketers have a unique feature to leverage to drive traffic. Performics shares strategy insights on how to manage this change in this September 2010 POV.

Quantifying the Value of Paid Search Across All Online and Offline Channels

In this September 2010 POV, Performics shows the importance of quantifying the value of paid search with results ranging from securing more search budget and an increased ability to integrate search strategy with traditional marketing plans.

Performics POV: Opportunities for Local Visibility on Google

With 97% of searchers seeking local content it is important that brands properly leverage this opportunity. Performics shares local search best practices to drive traffic to store locations in this July 2010 POV.

Social Media Study Summary of Findings

June 2010 Performics completed a second study for "Consumers' Use of Social Media" to examine participants usage of social networks in the purchase process. Results and marketing implications are shared here.

Performics POV: Why Attribution is Important in a Search World

Heard about Clickstream, Performics' paid search attribution product? In this Q2 2010 POV, Performics reviews the difference between Clickstream and Google's Search Purchase Funnel Reports, as well as how the two products can work together to increase paid search efficiency.

Performics POV: Performance Marketing in a Search Centric World

The move towards universal brand management and other top search trends are shared in this January 2010 POV.

Performics POV: The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of the Future

Embedded rich media and real-time results are only two of the many search domination strategies Performics delves into in this 2010 POV.

Google Mobile Search Trends Insights

In this year wrap up, Performics reflects on how 2010 mobile search trends gives us insight to why mobile search clicks could be greater than 16% of all Google search clicks (mobile + desktop) by the end of 2011.

Performics POV: Facebook Marketing Tactics

Razorfish’s 2009 FEED Report noted that 40% of participants have friended a brand on Facebook. The ample opportunities for brands to capitalize on this are discussed in this POV.

Performics POV: Google Real Time Search

With an estimated 40% of searches having real-time components, Performics reviews the implications of and ways to leverage real-time search results in this December 2009 POV.

Summary Findings: The Impact of Social Media

Performics reviews the results from the November 2009 study on the impact of social media, and reveals key insights and strategic search marketing recommendations.

Economic Trend Study Results

In this May 2009 Economic Trend Study, Performics shares recommended actionable marketing steps in response to facts like 40% of respondents saying they spend less on Mother's Day than previous years.

Economic Trend Study Summary of Findings

Performics takes a look at online buyer trends in this April 2009 year long study. Key insights range from how respondents are cutting back on spending, to how when they are spending money, it is online.

Performics POV: Social Listening - Harness Marketing Insight from Consumer Conversation

Performics answers your questions on how to gain insight from social chatter in this POV.

Microsoft & Facebook Social Search

Performics reflects on the social search implications for the Microsoft and Facebook partnership that adds "Likes" to search results.

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