Social Campaign for H&M New Market Launch

Social Campaign for H&M New Market Launch

H&M is Sweden’s contribution to big retail – a clothing company with more than 2,800 stores worldwide. For their first foray into Mexico, H&M tapped Performics to create enthusiasm for the opening, which we did with a 400% increase in online traffic!


Performics was charged with attracting as many people as possible to the new store on opening day.


The budget allowed for online and magazines, but no TV. One month before the big day, we took over 14 websites targeted to Mexico’s fashion and social channels. Immediately, the leading fashion trendsetters started talking about the new H&M opening in their social networks. We created an app, “Mexico Opening,” in the Facebook fan page where fans shared the news with their friends. Gift cards were awarded to fans that interacted best with the brand.


The H&M campaign drove 13 million+ impressions through the websites and fivemillion unique users. H&M’s website in Mexico saw an increase of 400% in online traffic. Nearly 4,500 people participated in the “Mexico Opening” app on Facebook. And H&M led the Twitter Trend in Mexico the day before the opening.

On H&M’s opening day in the Mexico City store, 5,000+ people lined up for the ribbon cutting. By the end of the day, 9,000+ people visited the new store. The results exceeded all expectations, attracting the attention of both fashion and newsmedia. Sales during H&M’s opening week broke several global records for the brand.

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