Outsourced Affiliate Program Management

Challenge the Status Quo of Your Affiliate Program

Performics is not an Affiliate network. In fact, we're changing the way you think about affiliate marketing altogether.

We did start out as an affiliate network, way back in 1997, and in fact we were one of the largest networks and publisher platforms in the world. Google bought the network as part of the Doubleclick acquisition ten years later, which now liberates us to be able to use our deep experience to manage and grow affiliate programs with ANY network or platform. We provide Outsourced Program Management services to clients who want to see their affiliate programs do more than just "slow and steady" returns.



Have you forgotten about your affiliate program management? Is it just poking along, not losing money but not exactly knocking growth goals out of the park? Wouldn’t you like a guaranteed program lift and a fresh set of resources to help you with the management? We can get you there, transparently and without question.

Brands trust our experts to provide more than just offer management and reporting. We pick up where the networks leave off: we recruit high volume and exclusive publishers, police your campaigns, and we offer development consulting. Our primary focus is to drive down costs and increase volume of conversions at the lowest possible risk and fees to you. 


Our outsourced program management (OPM) services provide:

  • Tactical execution and strategic program management
  • Access to vast array of agency resources and industry expertise
  • Affiliate recruitment and relationship management
  • Cross-channel approach to managing search, display and affiliate
  • Work with any third-party network or your proprietary platform
  • Private network development
  • Quality assurance and partner scorecards to identify issues and underperformers

We are your advocates, working neutrally as a negotiator, cheerleader and discovery arm to get the most out of your virtual sales team.

Want to take your affiliate program to new heights? Let’s start the conversation.

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