Clickstream Analysis

Challenge - Typically, paid search bid strategies are based on the “last click”—a metric that records the last search ad that a user clicks on before a conversion. But high impact bid strategies come from a deeper understanding of your consumer’s search behavior (i.e., their clickstream), not just the “last click” leading up to an action.

Solution - Performics’ Clickstream Analysis combines data-driven analysis, proprietary technology and a forward-thinking culture of innovation to uncover the hidden value of keyword performance to develop advanced bid strategies that increase conversions, maximize cost efficiencies and promote brand engagement.

Data-Driven Analysis

Proprietary Technology

Culture of Innovation

  Dedicated team of analysts ensure bid strategy recommendations are guided by statistical rigor
  GUID (global unique identifier) connects clicks within a user’s clickstream
  Advanced statistical algorithm automatically segments keywords into five categories with associated bid strategy recommendations
  Proprietary Clickstream dashboard and reporting suite reveals real-time performance metrics at the keyword level
  Up to 15 out-of-the-box reports that can be easily exported to Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel
  Integration with Performance Marketing Dashboard  for comprehensive paid search reporting platform
  Early pioneer of clickstream innovation dating back to 2005, well ahead of the market
  Rejecting the industry standard of relying on “last click” data
  Bid strategists are empowered by and proactively utilize clickstream data to change bid recommendations for optimal campaign performance

Results - Performics used Clickstream Analysis for a lead generation client to identify keywords that assist in driving leads and recommended bid strategies to increase spend on these high-performing keywords. Conversions on these keywords increased by more than 2 times and downstream brand clicks increased by 5 times resulting in increased brand engagement.

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