Conversion Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Lifts ROI

How much do you spend to convert visitors? Industry research suggests that for every $92 a brand spends acquiring visitors, only $1 is spent on the process of converting them. We challenge you to do better. Conversion Optimization success increases the value of every single marketing program you do.

Internet Scientists. Participant psychologists. Dynamic landing page Builders. Our Conversion Optimization team goes by many names. We streamline a participant’s experience to remove friction, qualify visitors and convert clicks. In fact, we routinely see double- and triple-digit conversion rate lifts from our experimentation.

We find that this powerful science is overlooked by even the most major brands—either because they believe they have done all they can, or their ad teams don't have control over the development cycles of their website. Done right, even simple landing page testing can yield powerful results such as a recent 420% conversion increase for a lead-acquiring campaign. We guide your program to provide optimal user experience and positively affect your marketing bottom line. See our case studies for more proof.


Adding Conversion Optimization to a campaign leveraging PPC, SEO and traditional channels will multiply the ROI outcomes. In fact, when Performics worked with a large national retailer to increase conversions, we calculated that for every percentage increase in conversions, there was an annual revenue increase of $10M. Can you think of any other tactic that can do that? 

Our award-winning breadth of services include:

  • Strategic Analysis and hypothesis testing
  • Conversion Testing of multivariate and A/B solutions, up to tens of thousands of combinations
  • Conversion Audits: Full site participant experience, landing page and checkout/registration funnel
  • Conversion Consulting: Optimization road maps, competitive analysis and testing methodologies
  • Advanced Targeting: Segmentation, participant profile creation and retargeting
  • Full Production: Custom and dynamic landing pages, multi-path conversion tunnels and microsites
  • Automated Technology to support massive scale testing and reporting for dyanamic ads and landing page combinations

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