Data and Feeds Management

Amplify through Distribution & Syndication

Sometimes, the most powerful levers for performance are the least sexy.

TV ads get lots of attention, but behind the scenes there are legions of people who made the video, got it to the networks and measured the results. Otherwise, you'd never get to enjoy that talking baby commercial.

Similarly, on the Internet, the most complexity in controlling content distribution and accuracy is found in feeds and databases, where critical factors like data hygiene and contextualization add visibility and value for everything from retail inventory to movie reviews.

Because participants use myriad connected devices, they expect that they'll find consistent information as they hop around from screen to screen and app to app. Making sure that your Los Angeles store hours are accurate on Siri, web pages and GPS devices doesn't happen by magic: it's the dirty work of data management.

Performics has 15 years of experience managing feeds such as those for comparison shopping engines, local search, bid-based inventory management and dynamic ad serving. From product knowledge to technology expertise, we understand the next gen opportunities and offer full-service product management. And because we're search experts, we add value to the data itself by using semantic enhancers such as keywords and category organization.

We take care of everything for you:

Optimize & distribute all kinds of content quickly to multiple sites; Enhance feed content for better findability, even in voice search. Best-in-market technology, full-service data management and analysis and innovation support for emerging uses.



  • Dynamic filters
  • Feed enhancement through rules
  • Streamlined bid and taxonomy management
  • Feed delivery confirmation and error notification
  • Quality assurance through advanced reporting and data hygiene process
  • Cost monitoring and control

You don't have to be a retailer or a company with physical locations to take advantage of the opportunity with feeds. Contact us to explore ideas for your particular business model.

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