Display Advertising Media

We Replace Display Advertising Networks

You'd expect a performance marketing agency to have a different spin on banner advertising, and we do.

We believe that display advertising should be just as accountable to the bottom line as search advertising and other performance media. So, we approach the planning, buying and optimization of display with the same methodical approach we give to our search advertising campaigns.

  • Plan for Participation
  • Test and learn
  • Structure for success
  • Measure "total value exchange"
  • Scale and amplify

In fact, we're so successful at driving performance from display at scale, we've essentially replaced the need to buy display banner networks for many of our clients and agency partners. That's a pretty big claim, but we can back it up. (To be fair, we do occasionally recommend novel or restricted inventory networks, such as some mobile ads. But we find in general that we are far more efficient than typical display networks.)

For example, we optimize to your sales and participation metrics, not to arbitrage margins (as ad networks do). Complete transparency ensures you have a competitive understanding of the channel and access to the site level performance data, providing brand safety and highlighting true ROI drivers. We make sure all efficiencies are directly reinvested into working media for the campaign. Using our proprietary Audience on Demand trading desk, we drill deeper and faster into campaign “sweet spots” to hit KPIs and maximize ROI in all its forms.
  • Media planning with our proprietary Participation Way methodology
  • Our inventory pool reaches over 95% of internet and mobile audience, including video and rich media opportunities
  • One unified platform integrated with 17 vetted/verified DSPs and 20+ data providers
  • Full site/page level visibility; no daisy chaining, passbacks or fourth party calls
  • VivaKi verified “Brand Safe” site lists (human and technology inspections)
  • Premium via private exchanges or direct
  • Centralized control and protection of first party data (privacy compliance)

Never buy retail display again. Kick-off your performance display campaign today.


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