Landing Page Optimization

Streamlined messaging is the main part of LPO, a facet of Conversion Optimization. It begins by understanding your participant's intent which we develop through Testing and Conversion Audits. Testing begins with A/B and Multivariate. Conversion Audits has full site participant experience, landing page and checkout/registration funnel.

Challenge- On average, landing page bounce rates range from 50-70%.1  This means more than half of your consumers are abandoning your site, which results in poor brand experiences and wasted marketing dollars.

Solution- Performics creates efficient, controlled and personalized pre- and post-click experiences that ultimately lead to more conversions and sales. Our landing page optimization (LPO) practice sends consumers to the most relevant pages, which in turn makes the most out of your marketing dollars.

Data-Driven Insights

LPO Optimization and Testing

User Experience Specialists

Extensive consumer insights allow us to get to know your consumers and understand their needs and wants
Robust competitive analyses provide a snapshot of your competition- pricing, messaging and positioning 
Persona-based site assessments help us evaluate the on-site experience, with your target segments in mind
User-centric design principles make it easier for your consumers to complete a desired action.
Proprietary landing page optimization methodology combines extensive research, behavioral strategies and rapid testing to create, controlled post-click experiences
Segmentation strategies separate your audience in a meaningful way to create ideal user experiences
User experience strategies provide hassle-free experiences that eliminate consumer confusion
A/B testing offers a rapid and live analysis that immediately identifies your most effective landing page
Team of specialists create pages and paths that guide consumers to their ideal destination, driving more conversions
Landing page experts answer all of your consumers’ critical questions which improve entry rates to your site
User experience specialists develop satisfying brand experiences that significantly reduce bounce rates and increase conversions
Landing page testing specialists identify and test different landing page elements to determine the highest converting page


Results- Our landing page optimization (LPO) specialists utilized user experience strategies and A/B testing to identify HP’s highest converting landing page, which had a 109% entry rate lift and a 71% conversion rate lift.

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