Local Search Marketing

Where Are Your Local Listings and Data?

It's happened to you before: you look up a store online or on your phone and arrive at the location, only to discover that it's moved across town. Or, the store hours and phone number are wrong.

Did you know that at most companies, the local data—everything from phone numbers to inventory to GPS location—is typically not managed in a proactive or centralized fashion? In many cases, it's subcontracted to a yellow page vendor or a single syndication service, who may not be helping you connect the dots between the dozens of sources that feed the local search ecosystem (or constantly refresh the data so that it's accurate and contains valuable content such as reviews, photos and videos).

Participants are searching to find your local products and services online. Using a combination of devices, they search for you at home, work, school and on the go. In fact, estimates are that one out of five searches has a local intent. How does your local search experience match up to the expectations of potential customers on their decision journeys?

Our dedicated Local Search Team will ensure that your searcher will easily find your relevant local information more easily than your competition, and that your national and regional footprints are consistent and accurate. Happy searchers make happy local customers.

Local Paid Search

As a Local Search Agency, we jointly manage national, regional and local search programs for best-of-breed global brands. Our multi-level geographically constrained search coordinates keywords and bids to limit bid inflation while saturating the local market with your ads on desktop, mobile and tablet. Searchers can even be micro-targeted by drive time to your physical store locations or proximity to your competitors’ locations; we can send hyperlocal ads to their smartphone with special offers, reviews and more. Effective!


  • Highly-experienced team with native language speakers in 20+ countries to localize keywords and copy and maintain consistent global brand standards
  • Performics proprietary monitoring platform Benchtools provides a detailed picture of the paid search landscape from a global to a city level
  • Dominate local results with multimedia search ads, promotional coupons and more—on all the devices that your participants use to connect their lives
  • For decentralized organizations, such as franchises or those with local dealers, we build dedicated teams to govern bid conflicts and support each location, including management of co-op ad budgets

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We once optimized the locations of over 35,000 kiosks to show up in local search and GPS. Can your interactive agency say that? Performics offers a powerful, holistic and flexible localization solution for companies with ten—or ten thousand—locations in any industry. Our local optimization service combines technology, data management and expert content consultation to ensure ideal visibility in search engines on a geographic level and across the entire spectrum of the local ecosystem. This includes local directories, vertical directories, IYPs (Internet Yellow Pages), GPS devices, mobile apps—and even print! (Yes, print still matters.)

Dominate visibility in mobile search, organic search, Google Maps and social network Place Pages with Performics. Call us today for a free audit of your local presence.



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