Local SEO Services

Performics offers a powerful, holistic, and flexible localization solution for companies with ten or tens of thousands of locations in any industry. Built from the strengths of our SEO heritage, our local optimization product ensures not only ideal visibility in search engines on a geographic level, but across the entire spectrum of the local ecosystem. This includes local directories, vertical directories, IYPs (Internet Yellow Pages), GPS devices, mobile apps—and even print.

Our product is based on three critical pillars:

1. Establishing
2. Multiplying
3. Amplifying

Local optimization begins with your core local assets on your website—often times a Store Locator. Pages representing your physical locations are the gateway to visibility, so we focus on optimizing the local architecture and location page information for non-geo and geo-modified search queries. If, upon assessment of your site development capabilities, these optimizations cannot be implemented on your end via consultation, we leverage best in class partners to build an effective, performance-driven local website.

It is imperative that searchers and customers can find your locations outside of traditional search, so our Multiplying pillar magnifies the visibility of your locations across hundreds of local online destinations and takes critical measures to retain data accuracy. We ensure that regardless of where or on what device someone is searching, they can find correct, current information about your nearest (or farthest) location.

Optimizing your Store Locator and distributing location data is just the beginning. Your customers are active, social participants accessing your locations digitally and physically across disparate channels. They're engaging your brand in ways that can amplify your locations' reputations. We help to amplify your locations' representations on critical local websites by enhancing local profile information, driving inbound and offline traffic via conversion-oriented announcements and promotions, and monitor location reviews and engagement with regional versatility.

If you want to take your local marketing to the next level, please reach out to Performics.

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