Mobile Advertising


Performics' mobile philosophy is to strategize, target and report by device:

  • Insights: First, we understand smartphone, tablet and desktop user nuances
  • Then we Activate and Elevate mobile campaigns by:
  1. Creating custom keywords, copy, and landing pages for smartphonevs. tablet users
  2. Leveraging mobile formats like rich ads, sitelinks, click-to-call/download, images, location insertion, coupons and logos.  Results include 1000+ in-store mobile coupons redeemed in a 3-day, 1-store promotion for a multichannel retailer, and a 54% sales boost via click-to-call for an electronics retailer.
  3. Tailoring bids and dayparting by tablets vs. smartphones (i.e. allocating tablet budget to support TV buys).  This includes multiplying bids for searchers close to your physical stores.
  4. Creating/testing device-specific landing pages
  5. Mobile site and local SEO, including optimizing content, maps and reviews
  6. Reporting by device, operating system, engine and locale
  7. Social (like Facebook Offers), affiliate (like shopkick), video and display (like AdMob)
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