Search Marketing Integration with OneSearch

OneSearch isn't a technology or a product. It's a philosophy and a value-add advanced search marketing program management service available only to companies for which we manage both paid and organic search.

OneSearch answers the tough questions:

  • How do I get the best overall return on my search budget?
  • If I rank #1 in SEO, should I still buy an ad?
  • What combination of experiences should I optimize across paid and organic for highest participation and performance?

It's true that data drives strategy, but there isn't a cookie-cutter approach. OneSearch is a revolutionary customized methodology that we use to relentlessly isolate inefficiencies and achieve incremental gains. We analyze your data, tinker and tweak to ensure that your campaign remains responsive to ever-changing participation dynamics. The level of granularity can go all the way to individual campaign elements like keywords or daypart in terms of what works best, with what participant segment and when.

Generally, OneSearch engagements include:

  • Custom research and learning agenda
  • Hypothesis testing, forecasting and scenario modeling
  • Controlled testing (e.g. by geographic market or keyword segments)
  • Integrated reporting and analysis

Optimal results for you are increased ROI and cost savings, as well as insights gained by understanding the interplay of organic and paid search on multiple screens and devices.

Find out if OneSearch is the right approach for your brand.

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