Paid Search Marketing

Searchers Are Ready to Participate

Little tiny search ads. Billions of 'em. Linked to almost every question people speak or type.
An incredibly efficient advertising invention, run by the most complex and advanced auction algorithms ever built. There are more "trades" here in a day than in all the stock exchanges in every country in the world.

Most brands love search advertising for its control, and its ability to dependably deliver ROI in sales and leads, in direct response goals. But only the most advanced marketers are going beyond the click to understand what other participation metrics mean in a journey to engage or purchase. How does search behavior correlate to social media segments? What's the total attribution across search, social, TV and display? And beyond lifetime value, what's the total loaded cost of acquiring and keeping a customer?




The strength of your brand depends on appropriately engaging with your participants, at the right times and on the right devices.

Connecting all the dots at exactly the right price is one of the amazing benefits of using search engine marketing. Thanks to new ad units and targeting capabilities, we can direct people to participate in precisely perfect Paid, Owned and Earned assets. Our talented research teams can help set up testing scenarios to forecast what happens when you connect from search to social, online to offline.

What's Unique About Performics Search Marketing?

  • Goal-shattering results at scale
  • Participation Way planning framework drives Participation and Performance
  • Integrated across other channels, including organic search (OneSearch), video and social media
  • Dedicated research and analytics teams for qualitative & quantitative insights
  • Best practices recognized as industry leader by Forrester Research
  • Flexible, consultative approach to technology solutions
  • Global experts with advanced training and experience in search

The world's largest and most demanding clients choose Performics to solve their search engine marketing challenges. Shouldn't you? Bring us an unsolvable problem.

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