Performance Marketing Goals

What Are Your Performance Marketing Goals?

Is your agency focused on performance?  Performics is.  In fact, more than 25 percent of our revenue is derived directly from client ROI.  As a strategic partner, we have a fanatical focus on your success and are willing to put skin in the game to prove it.  At Performics, performance never rests.

We integrate the art and science of performance marketing to optimize digital actions that accelerate brand engagement, participation, leads and sales.  Our Performance on Demand approach combines proprietary technology, best-of-breed third party tools and the most-tenured performance marketing experts:  In 2012, our digital strategies drove more than $1 billion in retail sales and 60 million actions for global brand and lead gen marketers.
If you need a catapult for performance marketing results, Performics is fanatically driven to:

 Drive Traffic & Sales

  • Maximize traffic volume at high efficiency with nimble paid search account structure
  • Build the long-tail through algorithmic keyword mining
  • Ensure natural search spiders can easily interpret your site on all devices
  • Find new customers with CPC-based media on social and display networks
Results: We grew non-brand natural search traffic 179% for Michael Stars, in turn boosting non-brand natural search revenue 67%

 Generate Leads

  • Integrate national, regional and local paid search ads to generate more leads without inflating CPCs
  • Drive leads with Facebook and LinkedIn CPC strategies
  • Reach highly-custom targets through real-time biddable display campaigns
Results: Performics increased leads 40% and helped make Toyota the most successful OEM to capitalize on Cash for Clunkers (CARS) by integrating paid search with Toyota’s offline CARS promotion.  Read the full case study.

 Catapult ROI

  • Quickly capture paid search demand, avoid CPC inflation and increase relevancy via automated rules and alerts
  • Uncover high-opportunity natural search keywords with our proprietary keyword research methodology
  • Optimize ROI for product feed listings (comparison shopping engines)
  • Deliver the right social/display ad, at the right time, to the right person
Results: We catapulted ROI for Threadless during a summer t-shirt promotion by driving a three to one return on Facebook ad spend.  Read the full case study.  

 Create Brand Visibility

  • Optimize emerging paid search creative—video, images, sitelinks and mobile click-to-call
  • Build links to boost natural search rankings
  • Optimize Fan pages, social profiles, video and news to dominate the search engine results page
  • Manage reputation by pushing down negative natural search listings
  • Get found beyond search on social and display networks
Results: Performics boosted brand visibility for HP by using Yahoo! Rich Ads in Search (RAIS) to drive a 36% sales lift for RAIS keywords vs. traditional paid search ads

 Engage Participants

  • Perform customer, competitive and category research to create messages that best appeal to your audience
  • Identify and retarget people who have already engaged with your brand
  • Build communities of advocates on Facebook/Twitter
  • Encourage positive social network brand chatter
Results: Performics engaged redbox’s audience by generating 269K new fans in 10 days through a Facebook Engagement ad campaign.  Read the full case study.

 Maximize Efficency

  • Refine search and social copy/images through ongoing A/B testing
  • Make the most of each search visit with rigorous landing page testing and optimization
  • Monitor SEM, SEO, social and display interaction to maximize the value of each marketing dollar
  • Strengthen your organization’s commitment to performance marketing through on-site or web-based training
Results: Performics maximized the efficiency of an HP product landing page by boosting the page’s conversion rate from 17% to 29% through A/B testing.  Read the full case study.

 Uncover Insights

  • Identify “assist” paid search keywords to calculate true keyword ROI
  • Track share of voice vs. competitors for timely keyword and copy optimization
  • Forecast to determine ideal future resource distribution
  • Segment customers to identify regions of strong and weak KPIs
  • Learn and optimize in days, not weeks through reporting dashboard trends and insights
  • Seamlessly house, align and display disparate data sources
Results: Performics partnered with a multinational technology retailer to identify “assist” keywords; new bid strategies led to $30K in monthly cost benefits and $120K in monthly revenue benefits
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