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Strategic Marketing Planning and Big Data Experts

We eat, sleep and breathe data. 

These days, you can't swing a cat without hitting a press release that mentions "big data," and in our experience with data, bigger data isn't really the end game.

Most clients have plenty of data, but very little time and patience to sift through it looking for meaning and wisdom to make better decisions. Done right, though, data can be the most important partner to have at the planning table.  It lays the foundation for ego-free strategy and participant-focused collaboration.

We have invested heavily in our "melting pot" of dedicated analysis and insight teams; we have experts in both qualitative and quantitative analysis. They are as adept at forecasting returns through sophisticated Monte Carlo style scenarios as they are at building dynamic digital personas leveraging search and social data. Regression analysis isn't a euphamism for therapy around here—it's a required skill for mitigating risk and finding opportunities inside multimillion dollar campaigns.

You need to have qualitative insights and quantitative analysis to deliver actionable strategies to your marketing program. We relentlessly accelerate performance and enable you to swiftly adapt to and influence ever-changing participant dynamics. Case in point—for a recent automotive client, we used social listening to find not just nuances about behavior by buyers of particular models, but insights relating to major business levers like financing and preferred options.


Sophisticated data analysis mitigates risk in programmatic media systems, finds the best places to invest your next dollar and shows you how to most effectively engage the unique participants in your most profitable segments.


Your account team will help you find the right investment to make in custom research and ongoing campaign analysis. Some of the advanced analytics consulting services we offer include:

  • Attribution and complex KPI modeling
  • Digital path-to-purchase and discovery/decision journeys
  • Marketplace intelligence
  • Social awareness, engagement and content strategies
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Digital participant interests and personas
  • Social listening
  • Brand, product, channel and industry-related trends and insights

Solve for big data overload starting today!

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