Powerful Levers that Activate Participation

We’ve been a services company, a technology company, and a network business model in our short history, and that has given us a unique point of view on technology’s role in a performance agency.  Depending on client need, we complement third-party platforms with proprietary applications developed by our global engineering resources.

In this new era of “thin” technology (e.g. agile software development, apps, plugins and mashups), we find that our approach to proprietary development is best focused on connective technology that adds functionality to third-party platforms and systems, takes cost out of the business for everyone and allows for maximum visibility across channels and tools.

Our proprietary connective technology includes:


Our Global Analytics Center (GLANCE) isn’t just a reporting dashboard.  It’s a business intelligence application that encompasses all digital media (paid search, SEO, display, social), as well customer data feeds (CRM, offline sales, multichannel behaviors, product-level profitability, call center data).  By tracking all online and offline contacts prior to end sale, GLANCE simplifies cross-channel reporting and cross-agency planning through automation.  It’s self-service, accessible online 24/7 and fully customizable per client need.



Benchtools is our proprietary competitive tracking tool.  It measures our clients' shares of voice on the search pages (in both organic and paid search) against our clients’ competitors.  It tracks competitors’ copy, keyword, and bid strategies, thus identifying gaps, challenges and opportunities.  Benchtools also features Live Monitor, which indentifies competitors’ day-parting strategies at a high data collection frequency.  Live Monitor enables us to react to our clients’ search competitors at record speed, maximizing performance and efficiency during critical times, like holiday.



Socialtools, our proprietary social tracking platform, uncovers if, when and how people talk about our clients’ brands on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—all via live dashboards.  Socialtools fosters insights that aid in developing search and social keyword and copy strategies that engage participants in their own languages to build tighter connections and relationships.


Audience on Demand

Audience on Demand (AOD) is our proprietary agency trading desk for display.  It enables us to actively trade on 20+ bid-based, automated global marketplaces, across 17 DSPs.  Through AOD, we’re able to engage the right audience, at the right time, at exactly the right price.


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