20 Questions to Ask a Prospective SEO

Posted by Dan Malachowski, Product Marketing Manager (Natural Search)

1.       What is your SEO methodology, including strategies for indexation, copywriting, link-building, and distribution?

2.       How has your company shown thought leadership in the SEO industry?

3.       Who will be managing my account on a daily basis and how often will they be communicating with me?

4.       What types of resources are available to my account manager?

5.       Do you follow generally accepted search engine guidelines?

6.       Have any of your clients been penalized in the search engines results as a result of your work?

7.       What is your methodology for keyword research?

8.       How will you go after the most competitive keywords for our business?

9.       Will you perform an analysis of our competitors’ websites?

10.   What will be expected from our end (in terms of resources) in order to implement the program?

11.   What is your strategy for working with clients who have limited IT resources?

12.   What is the typical launch timeline and how long will it take before I see results?

13.   Are you using Web 2.0 platforms such as social networking sites, blogs, and social bookmarking sites to improve search engine rankings?

14.   What will you do to help our video, image, local, and news content appear in search engines?

15.   Will you be able to optimize our Java Script/Flash-heavy pages for natural search?

16.   What types of reports on ROI and Key Performance Indicators can I expect from you and how often will I receive these?

17.   How will you continually track, analyze, and optimize my campaign post-launch?

18.   How do you keep on top of changes in the industry/potential changes in the algorithms?

19.   How will you align my SEO campaign with my paid search (and other online/offline) marketing efforts?

20.   What other digital marketing solutions do you offer?

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