2016: A Year in Review

Post by Michael Kahn, Chief Executive Officer of Performics Worldwide & Global Performance Practice Lead of Publicis Media

What an amazing year in the life of Performics and our high performance business.

In 2016, we added over 800 awesome teammates around the world as part of our “Performics Everywhere” expansion for Publicis Media, and we now have a presence in 57 countries. We gained official designation as one of Publicis Media’s five agency brands, uniquely tasked with both winning AOR (agency of record) assignments and serving as a performance ARM for our sister agency brands. In our ARM role, we expanded our responsibilities to now include the performance practices across Starcom, Mediavest|Spark, Blue 449|Optimedia and Zenith. We SOARed in Dubai. We launched our Centers of Excellence (COEs). We embraced Knowledge Management. We employed practice Scorecarding. We expanded our expertise and footprint in Search and Social.

And we fulfilled our commitment to grow by 20% year over year as a global network.

What an astounding and outstanding year!

As we move into 2017, our vision and mission are quite clear:

It is to be the premier revenue growth driver for the clients we serve.

It is to fulfill this vision by leveraging data, technology and talent to create and convert consumer demand wherever it is expressed.

We will deliver on this through a clear and simple strategic focus centered on growth, marketing/selling/servicing, product/delivery innovation and our operating structure.

In the coming year, we will grow faster through aggressive prospecting and better storytelling. We will raise our service standards on behalf of all our AOR and ARM assignments. We will roll out expanded Demand & Response Management capabilities that will lay the foundation for end-to-end performance delivery. We will extend our use of practice centralization both through onshoring and offshoring. We will continue to raise our practice excellence through our COEs, Knowledge Management and Scorecarding. We will align our mindset and management about being one brand (Performics!) with two businesses (ARM and AOR) to master deliver.

Most importantly, in the next year, we will come together as one fantastic team delivering the very best in performance marketing everywhere while also delivering on our 20% year over year growth commitment.


Michael Kahn
Chief Executive Officer
Performics Worldwide

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