Google Algorithm Update March 13: What You Need to Know

Google officially confirmed an algorithm update on Twitter on March 13, 2019. Below shows the official confirmation by the Google SearchLiason account:

Google describes this update as a “broad core” algorithm update – two of which were confirmed last year in April and August.  The algorithm update is being labeled as the “Google Florida Update 2” or just “Florida 2.” “Florida 1” occurred in November 2003 and has no relation to this update.

How Does This Affect You?

As with all “broad core” algorithm changes, Google does not provide specific recommendations on how to improve sites in regards to the update. Instead, Google recommends that sites are “ensuring you’re offering the best content you can.” Below is Google’s lengthy Twitter thread regarding “broad core” algorithm updates:

As Google explains, there is nothing to particularly “fix” on sites – just to continue to offer the best content for users. However, it is important to continue to monitor website analytics to uncover any anomalies following the March 13 broad core algorithm update.

Performics will continue to update this blog post as new details about Florida 2 are released.

[UPDATE: 3/14/19]:

Google announced that they prefer the names of their “broad core” algorithm updates to be labelled “Core” and the date associated with the change. Below shows Danny Sullivan’s response about the algorithm names on Twitter:

[UPDATE: 3/15/19]

Google officially confirmed the update name as “March 2019 Core Update.” Below is the official announcement from the Google SearchLiason account on Twitter: