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The Featured Snippet: November 2021

The Featured Snippet is the official SEO newsletter of Performics and is dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest SEO industry news, trends, and events—all in an easy-to-read, summed-up format. 

In the November 2021 issue of The Featured Snippet: 

  • November 2021 Core Update (November 17, 2021)
  • November 2021 Spam Update (November 3, 2021)
  • Google Will Add Page Experience Signals to Desktop in February 2022
  • Google Drops Its Mobile-First Indexing Deadline
  • Google Launches New Version of PageSpeed Insights
  • Google Testing IndexNow Protocol
  • Google, Microsoft Bing Announce Googlebot, Bingbot IP Addresses
  • Google My Business Rebrands to Google Business Profile
  • Google Expands Search Console Domain Verification, User Management Support
  • Microsoft Bing Launches Page Insights 

November 2021 Core Update

Google rolled out a new core update on November 17, the third released in 2021. Several times a year, Google makes significant, broad changes to its search algorithms and systems. They refer to these as “core updates.” As of November 30, the update finished rolling out, so sites that experienced an upward or downward shift in rankings should not expect any major ranking changes until the next algorithm update.


November 2021 Spam Update

On November 3, Google announced that it was releasing a new spam update to reduce spam from appearing in search results. Alongside the update, Google encouraged sites to follow its best practices to avoid seeing any negative impact. Google completed the update on November 11. The last spam algorithm update was the Link Spam Update in July 2021.


Google Will Add Page Experience Signals to Desktop in February 2022

At I/O 2021, Google previewed plans to bring page experience ranking to desktop. Google will begin incorporating page experience as part of the desktop ranking system in February 2022 and will finish in March 2022. The same page experience signals that currently apply to mobile will also apply to desktop. 


Google Drops Its Mobile-First Indexing Deadline

On November 26, Google’s John Mueller announced Google is doing away with the deadline for sites to switch over to mobile-first indexing. The original deadline was set for September 2020 but was pushed back to March 2021 and has now been completely removed.


Google Launches New Version of PageSpeed Insights

Google recently announced that they are rolling out a new PageSpeed Insights upgrade, available to everyone as of November 16. Google now offers sections for lab data versus field data in the tool. The update introduces a newly-designed user interface that makes data within PageSpeed Insights easier to understand. Google’s primary goals with the upcoming PageSpeed Insights revamp include:

  1. Make the UI more intuitive by differentiating between lab data and field data.
  2. Communicate how the Core Web Vitals assessment is calculated in the UI.
  3. Modernize the look and feel of the UI by leveraging material design.


Google Testing IndexNow Protocol

In October, Microsoft Bing announced the development of a new crawling protocol called IndexNow that promises to make crawling and indexing more efficient, and Google also confirmed that it will be testing IndexNow. Indexnow is a new protocol that any search engine can participate in to enable site owners to have their pages and content instantly indexed by the search engine.


Google, Microsoft Bing Announce Googlebot, Bingbot IP Addresses

Google published the full list of IP addresses it uses to crawl sites. This can be used as an alternative if you do not want to use reverse DNS or other types of methods for verifying Googlebot. You “can identify Googlebot by IP address by matching the crawler’s IP address to the list of Googlebot IP addresses.” Knowing which bots are real or fake can help you more accurately decide what bots to block from your site. 

On November 15th, Microsoft also published its list of addresses that are used by Bingbot, Microsoft’s Bing crawler, when crawling your site. Similar to the benefits of using Google’s list, this is useful if you think someone is crawling your site or pretending to be Bingbot. Use the list to verify if blocking the Bingbot crawler is or isn’t actually Microsoft Bing.


Google My Business Rebrands to Google Business Profile 

Google My Business was renamed to Google Business Profile. Google made this change to keep things simple, and the entire Google My Business app will go away sometime in 2022. Google is pushing for businesses with single listings to manage their businesses in Search or Maps and not in the old Google My Business console. The old Google My Business console will primarily support larger businesses with multiple locations and will become “Business Profile Manager.”


Google Expands Search Console Domain Verification, User Management Support

Google Search Console is trying out a new method to contact Google for support related to Google Search Console. This new tool will contact Google about domain verification and user management issues with Google Search Console, Google said via Twitter. This is useful because these new contact methods will give those having issues more methods to verify and gain access to their sites in Google Search Console. Having access to Google Search Console unlocks a ton of useful information, reporting, and debugging for site owners.


Microsoft Bing Launches Page Insights 

Microsoft Bing’s Page Insights are live in Bing’s search results as of November 21st. You can find this by looking for a lightbulb logo on the right-hand side of the search results. Microsoft explained that Page Insights “provides summarized insights from a page on your search results so you can find what you’re looking for faster.” This feature is only available on desktop because of a screen size requirement.