5 Tips to Improve Your Blog & Partner with Brands

Post by Michelle Pantoja, SEO Analyst

Bloggers have the ability to influence digital marketing campaigns. According to AdWeek, consumers trust influencers 92% more than branded content. GroupHigh states that “consumers will seek 11 product reviews before making a purchase decision,” which leads us to understand how influencer marketing helps brands reach their targeted audience in a more strategic way.

If you have a blog, but still haven’t received any requests to collaborate with brands or agencies, follow these brand-friendly blogging tips to begin partnering with top brands:

  1. Add a User-Friendly Layout + Contact Information

Create or buy a sleek and useful blog layout that’s easy to navigate. Include a brief biography with your location in the Home Page and About Page so brands can distinguish whether or not you’re a good fit for their campaign. Make sure to include your contact information and updated social media links on the Home Page and Contact Page, as well.

  1. Post Frequently + Use Images

Brands want to partner with bloggers who post at least three times a week and use personal, quality images

  1. Increase Social Media Presence + Following

Grow and interact with your followers. Brands hire bloggers who are active on different social media platforms, have a strong social following, and interact with their followers

  1. Find your Niche + Target Demographics

Are you a beauty, travel, fitness or mommy blogger? The Internet is filled with people with diverse interests. Companies want to collaborate with bloggers that fit their brand’s voice and audience.

Ensure your blog sends a clear message to brands as well as readers. Great bloggers are influencers, and your posts should speak to a specific audience.

  1. Be Searchable

Optimize your blog posts. Participate in blog rolls and resource sites like Bloglovin’ and BlogHer so your blog can be found easier. Share your posts on social media and use hashtags efficiently.

Pro Tip: Create a media kit with a list of services, prices and website traffic statistics.

By following these 5 simple tips, you’ll be on your way to improving your blog and increasing your presence in the blogosphere.

Are you a brand who wants to partner with today’s top influencers? For more information on blogger outreach marketing campaigns, contact your Performics account team today.

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