A Quick Survey of Google Sitelinks Usage by Three High-Volume Multi-Channel Retailers

Posted by Sachin Gadhvi, Account Director

Google Sitelinks is starting to gain wide adoption among online retailers.  The ability to link deeper into the site straight from the ad as well as additional space for targeted copy opens up a range of possibilities.  Advertisers are using Sitelinks to emphasize their core brand message, focus on specific product areas, highlight promotions or focus on specific consumer segments.  Below is a quick look at three high-volume multi-channel retailers that are using Sitelinks.

(Searched on retailers’ brand term on Thursday, Dec 17)

 Sitelinks 1 
One link is promotional.  The other three are high-volume gift-giving product categories.

 Sitelinks 2 
Two links are promotional; two are high volume gift-giving product categories.


Sitelinks 3 
Two links are promotional, one focused on a gift-receiving consumer segment and one on holiday gift ideas.  Two links mention holiday.

We surveyed the same retailers a couple of days later, closer to the end of the online holiday shopping period.

(Searched on retailers’ brand term on Sunday, Dec 20)

Sitelinks 4
No change from Dec. 17.

Sitelinks 5 
No change in Sitelinks from Dec. 17.  Good addition of Product Ads.

Sitelinks 6 
Good addition of last minute gift idea message.  Good addition of kid-focused Toy category message.  The other two links stayed the same.

While all three retailers are making good use of their Sitelinks, we consider JCPenney to be doing a better job with its use of Sitelinks. 

Impactful and Relevant – JCPenney is keeping the links impactful and relevant till the very end.  It is changing links to keep the emphasis on the product category that is most likely to get traffic. 

Use of Copy – Sitelinks gives advertisers the ability to have a longer message.  JCPenney is taking advantage of this by having a marketing message on each link instead of just a product category name.  Of the three advertisers we looked at, JCPenney’s Sitelinks look the most different from its natural search results.

Consumer-focused Copy – The link focused on the gift-receiver’s interest is great.  While a number of retailers are starting to have consumer focused-names for areas of their site, why do Sitelinks have to be boring product category names?  ‘Find Great Gifts for Sports Fans’ is an example of good consumer-focused copy compared to ‘Sporting Goods.’

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