AdWords Call Extension Updates: Implications for Marketers

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January 25, 2017
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AdWords Call Extension Updates: Implications for Marketers

Post by Neil Mandell, Senior Paid Search Executive

Google has recently announced two updates to call extensions which will affect how they are shown with ads. This may impact AdWords advertisers in a variety of ways, especially those who use call attribution technology. Advertisers can opt out of these changes if they wish to do so.


Following Google’s multiple changes to ad formats in 2016 to accommodate for a mobile-first world, they’ve kick started 2017 by announcing two further updates that will affect AdWords advertisers:

  1. Location extensions will now automatically include phone numbers from Google My Business
  2. Automated call extensions in mobile search ads will automatically pull phone numbers featured on landing pages


According to Search Engine Land, a Google spokesperson has confirmed that they will not add automated call extensions for advertisers who already have call extensions set up. Advertisers who have dynamic phone numbers on landing pages and are not currently using call extensions will also not be affected.

For other advertisers, it is expected that the introduction of the changes will have a similar positive impact to Google’s other automated extensions such as consumer ratings and dynamic structured snippets. The reason they exist is because Google believes they aide the searcher and improve ad performance in specific circumstances, and this will hopefully continue to be the case.

On the other hand, the changes to the location extensions may have an impact on advertisers who are not equipped to handle an increase in call volumes, for instance, if their calls are usually routed through a call center.

The ultimate outcome and reward of these changes will heavily depend on the advertiser’s main goals and the extent to which they would value receiving an uplift in phone calls.

Automated call extensions will begin to appear on February 6th. Advertisers who do not wish to include automated call extensions can opt out within the automated extensions tab within AdWords prior to the 6th.

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