AdWords Custom Columns: Optimize Your Mobile Presence The Smart Way

Post by James Ko, Senior Media Manager

In December 2014, Google AdWords released a new tool called, “Custom Columns,” to provide greater insight into what’s happening within advertisers’ campaigns. Upon release however, the new tool didn’t receive the recognition that it deserved.  This powerful feature of AdWords allows advertisers to parse standard metrics (clicks, CPC, CTR, etc.) that we’re all used to seeing by network, devices and much more at the convenience of your AdWords interface.

Wasn’t this the information we’ve all been clamoring to know??

When I first started experimenting with this tool, I noticed how transparent everything became and how much time was being saved analyzing through data.  Questions like, “Am I committing too much or too little on mobile for this campaign? ” were no longer painful decisions where I had to look in various places to find an answer.  Above all that this tool sheds light on, I found metrics by device (desktop, tablet, mobile) the most useful segment of Custom Columns.

Today, mobile devices have gained roughly 50% of the overall traffic volume in search and has become synonymous with the term “digital trends.”  As search marketers, this leaves us to wonder, “Are my mobile bid adjustments doing a sufficient job in attaining client goals?”  Mobile bid adjustments in campaigns are often overlooked, and because we typically aggregate all the device data together in reports, it can easily be neglected.  On top of that, many advertisers tend to focus too heavily on keyword level bids or rely solely on keyword bid management systems.

This brings me back to why Custom Columns by device segmentation is truly awesome.  By creating device-segmented metrics on the Campaigns Tab (or Ad Groups Tab), you’re able to see campaign performance side-by-side with any other metrics (standard or segmented) of your choosing. Whether you’re trying to align all devices in a particular average position or prioritizing one device’s position over the other, you have the capability to make that evaluation in an instant and take effective action. The tool ultimately helps search marketers stay cognizant of market fluctuations and lets you evaluate if you’re overpaying or underpaying for your ad’s placement in mobile on a frequent basis. The impact can be crucial to your account’s success in achieving client objectives.

So next time you think about setting mobile bid adjustments, think about taking a glance at this handy tool first. You won’t regret it!

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