Amazon Stores Offers Analytics: Implications for Brands

Post by Gordon Ferris, Vice President of Performance Media & Lauren Racine, Media Director


In Q1 2018, Amazon launched new analytics information that would help advertisers better understand traffic and sales information generated through Amazon Stores. The new dashboard would allow advertisers to analyze store visits and view-attributed sales by page and traffic.

The sales portion of the new dashboard will undoubtedly have a large effect on advertisers. Through this platform, advertisers can see which pages and which traffic sources are generating the most sales, and for which products.


  • The dashboard within Amazon Stores is an enhancement of what was previously available within the “Pages” tab of the UI. Advertisers are now able to view traffic and sales information to help optimize the Store and boost performance.
  • The insights gained from the dashboard metrics, such as Visitors and Sales, will help advertisers understand performance levels of their store pages which can guide account strategy.
  • Advertisers are now able to measure Amazon organic traffic, Headline campaign traffic, and external traffic. Visibility into these traffic levels was limited in the past.

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