April Gem Award: Cerise Miao, Analyst, Analytics & Technology

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April Gem Award: Cerise Miao, Analyst, Analytics & Technology

Cerise Miao

Why Cerise is our April Gem:

Nominated by Kristen Faust, Managing Director, Performance Media and Bhavna Shewakramani, Media Director, Performance Media

Agency Value(s): Motivate & Optimize for Action


Nomination from Kristen Faust:

Cerise has been a tremendous addition to our team, and she delivers top notch work on a weekly basis. Our client has very rigorous standards for all aspects of the relationship: performance, operations and reporting.
Our client is driven by analytics and wants as much information and data as possible; they also value automation. We provide the client with a weekly report that incorporates data from multiple sources and requires matching custom IDs with tactics, spend, creative, etc.
Initially the report was built in VBA/Excel and took Cerise at a minimum 4 hours to create each week.
Cerise took the initiative and sought out a better solution for this reporting beast. She determined that building the report utilizing SQL would be a better approach. She then went about and created a new reporting system that did the following:
–         Cut down the amount of time spent from over 4 hours to under 1.5 hours per week
–         She eliminated crashes
–         Because of the new automation method she reduced the chances of error that could occur
–         It increased the data capacity from 1MM rows to 1B, pulled in less than 1 minute
–         Added more flexibility to the system so that it is much easier to add fields, etc.
Cerise presented her work to the client team and they were very impressed. She hit upon the things they love: automation, efficiency and initiative.
Cerise is now thinking of ways that her SQL skills can help the team to automate other parts of our process.
In conclusion, I believe that Cerise is Gem Worthy for the following reasons:
–         She identified a business problem and challenge
–         She took the initiative to learn new skills and figure out how to solve a complex problem
–         She built a new system that saved time, expanding capacity and reducing errors
–         Her skills can be deployed to other business/operational challenges and her additional time saved can be spent working on analysis and other projects
–         She did it all without being asked


Nomination from Bhavna Shewakramani:

What would we do if Cerise wasn’t here? She was thrown into a complex account which required a ton of client knowledge and historical information, but Cerise worked hard and in no time she understood our client’s line of business.

The calculations necessary for Display and Social reporting are very in depth and require a thorough understanding of the campaigns’ structures. Not only did Cerise easily pick these complex calculations, she also jumped right in when working with the offshore team to educate them on the many updates constantly being made to the report.

She has been great at helping us with multiple projects at the same time and managed to get them all done on time.

Cerise’s hard work and flexibility is greatly appreciated and valued by our team, and she has truly become an instrumental part of the team in the last few months!

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