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Posted by Bill Fergus, Account Manager

Last week Google announced they have a new beta version of their keyword tool available to current AdWords customers.  Part of any SEO’s bag of tricks is sure to include the current Google Keyword Tool so this announcement certainly has drawn our attention – especially if the beta ultimately replaces the current tool.

As of today, it’s not very obvious how to find the beta version so let’s start with getting you there.  To get there you first have to log into your AdWords account and click on the opportunities tab.  From here, you can select a link to the Keyword Tool from the left nav where you will see a link to the beta version of the keyword tool (I’d encourage you to bookmark this page until the page becomes less buried).   When the new interface pulls up, the first two things I noticed were more ways to slice and dice the data and the inclusion of keyword trends – it’s as if Google Insights married the current Keyword Tool.

More Ways to Slice and Dice the Data

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween so I thought it might be fun to give the new beta Keyword Tool a test drive as if I was retailer store getting ready for this year’s most popular costumes.  By the way, an interesting, but useless tidbit is this is the first time Halloween has been on a Saturday since 1998. I start off with a search for “Halloween Costumes” and immediately a few things pop off the page at me:

1.       I’ve got more filtering options at my disposal, including mobile search stats and the ability to filter out keywords

2.       I can narrow the keyword list by Categories

3.       I can customize what kinds of data I’d like to see in my results

4.       I can quickly remove items from my results

5.       I can jump between broad, phrase, exact, or any combination of these results

Beta tool 1

Seeing as I’m a retailer, I don’t need to look at all of these results.  For example, dog costumes do have a lot of volume, but this is not relevant to my business.  I can narrow the list by selecting Clothing -> Costumes from the Categories menu.  The results that come back are much more attune to my business.  Since I am also running a paid search campaign, let’s sort by Estimated Avg. CPC to see what terms might be the most expensive for me to buy.  I don’t sell extreme Halloween costumes, but one of best sellers year after year is my Minnie Mouse costume.  Look at that!  It’s also one of the more expensive searches to buy – perhaps I should consider optimizing better for this term rather than spending $1.16 per click!

Beta tool 2

Identify Trends Early

In my retail store, I also sell a good deal of Harry Potter clothing around Halloween and I’d like to know what kind of opportunity might exist at other times in the year.  Looking at the Local Search Trends, I can see that sure enough costume activity is highest in September and October.  But look at this, there are a number of people searching for “harry potter scarf” and “harry potter dress” throughout the year.  Perhaps I should pay a little more attention to these products on my site.

Beta tool 3 

Perhaps even more impressive is that Google lets you download this data and actually gives you search volume month over month.  This alone is worth the price of admission and really allows the search marketer to understand true trends going on in their competitive marketplace.

Bet tool 4 

 I encourage you to take the new beta Tool for a spin and see what new insights you might be able to find.

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