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Posted by Dan Malachowski, Product Marketing Manager

The numbers are in and despite the massive advertising spend and buzz, Bing has yet to make a significant impact on search market share or advertiser performance.

According to comScore, Bing’s June ’09 share rose 0.4% from May ’09 (8.4% from 8.0%).  Google stayed constant at 65% and Yahoo! lost .5%.

Comscore bing 1

In terms of query volume numbers, Bing was the only engine that did not lose volume in June.  Bing gained 3% in query volume, while Google lost 3% and Yahoo! lost 4%.  This rise in query volume is likely due to the advertising and buzz Microsoft created around Bing, as well as people testing out the engine.

Comscore bing 2

Compete shows similar numbers as comScore.  According to Compete, Bing’s market share rose slightly from May ’09 to June ’09 from 6.2% to 6.5%.  This .03% gain in share didn’t come from Google, as Google’s share rose from 73.3% to 73.9%.  Yahoo! and Ask both lost .04% month over month.  The interesting numbers from Compete are the May ’09 vs. June ’09 query volume numbers.  Like the comScore numbers, Bing was the only engine that didn’t lose query volume in June; Bing was up 2.5%. 

Hitwise shows slightly different numbers, with Bing’s market share dropping from 5.64% in May to 5.25% in June. 

Performics’ internal numbers also indicate that Bing, for the most part, has yet to make a major impact.  In terms of paid search conversion rate, we saw month over month numbers remain unchanged.  However, we’ve seen an increase in click-through-rate (CTR).  This indicates that Bing’s SERP redesign has been effective in driving paid search clicks. 

From a natural search perspective, Performics hasn’t seen any measurable increases in clicks on Bing from May ’09 to June ’09.

Overall, we don’t expect to see any measurable aggregate increases (outside paid search CTRs) on Bing until advertisers dedicate more spend to the engine.  We have, however, noticed some verticals that have increased paid search performance (CTRs, conversions, leads, cost per lead) month over month on Bing.  Microsoft itself claims that the travel vertical has seen a 90% increase in traffic.  Microsoft also says that Cashback transactions have increased 5.42%.

Bing Short-Term Recommendations

Performics plans to keep a close eye on Bing’s performance in the upcoming months.  The initial May ’09 to June ’09 numbers don’t help much in identifying trends and may be skewed by the June buzz around Bing. 

We do recommend testing on Bing, particularly if you’re a back to school retailer who can run a Bing Cashback program.  Bing Cashback gives a rebate to searchers who purchase a product through clicking on a Cashback paid search ad.  Back to school season is the perfect time to test Cashback (and other search strategies) in preparation for holiday 2009.

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