Twitter and Facebook are both enhancing how users can interact with ads. Facebook released a new beta featuring a Buy call-to-action button, enabling purchases to be made directly within the ad unit. Additionally, Twitter confirmed plans to acquire CardSpring, a payments infrastructure company. Advertisers can expect Twitter to release a similar “Buy Now” button in the near future; users have spotted tests on mobile devices, as reported by Mashable. buy now button *images courtesy of Mashable and Facebook This new functionality falls in line with various new Facebook and Twitter opportunities to drive more direct response actions for advertisers. Twitter has previously stated its goal to move towards an “in-the-moment commerce experience to our users.” Similarly, Facebook continues to test ad offerings with purchase options like Facebook Gifts. PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES for ADVERTISERS

  • PURCHASE FUNNEL: “Buy Now” opportunities shorten the purchase funnel and create a “one-stop shop” user experience. The shopping experience is simplified, as discovery and purchase blend together and participants can easily take action—in the moment—without going to a different site. Whenever advertisers can spur action within ads (whether through Buy Now buttons, or by enabling users to enter information like ZIP code (like new Google paid search betas for lead gen advertisers)), conversion rates will likely increase.
  • MOBILE COMMERCE: Currently, Facebook’s beta shows on mobile and desktop. Similarly, advertisers can expect to see Twitter’s Buy Now button on mobile and desktop. Some advertisers are still challenged in spurring people to buy on mobile, as mobile purchase processes are commonly not as streamlined, and trustworthy, as desktop. Buy Now buttons on mobile simplify the mobile purchase process. As Twitter and Facebook assure that credit card info is safe, the simplicity of Buy Now could spur more shoppers to complete their purchases on mobile.
  • IN-the-MOMENT PURCHASES: Advertisers should incorporate Buy Now buttons into their current direct response social strategies to drive more “impulse” or “in-the-moment” purchases (e.g. concert tickets, flash sale items, etc.)
  • TEST & LEARN via ANALYTICS: Advertisers should leverage analytics to test and learn with Buy Now buttons. For instance, are conversion rates or order sizes higher through Buy Now, or are they higher through your regular website purchase pages? Do certain products perform better with Buy Now buttons? Are different demographics more inclined to leverage Buy Now? Through these learnings, advertisers can optimize Buy Now ads by pulling levers like targeting, bid, copy and creative.

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Twitter and Facebook are both enhancing how users can interact with ads. Facebook released a new beta featuring a Buy call-to-action button, enabling purchases to be […]
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