Twitter has announced a new ad unit called Website Card Ads, which now appear in users’ Timelines on desktop and mobile. Website Card Ads are an addition to Twitter’s roster of Card types, giving brands the opportunity to showcase website content and display URLs directly within the ad. This new product enables advertisers to drive relevant traffic to any page of the brand’s site, including a product page, home page or content page (like a blog post). twitter website card Website Card Ads are expected to drive increased click volume as users will be able to see an image, related context and a clear call-to-action within the post: twitter website cardImage from Twitter The ad text requirements run at 140 characters or less and provide a “Read More” button. The new ad unit is familiar to Facebook Link Page Posts, as well as Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards, which rolled out last summer. PERFORMANCE IMPLICATIONS 1) Increased Engagement & Click-Through Rates (CTRs): Marketers can combine Twitter’s advanced targeting options with Website Card Ads’ unique ad customization to drive engagement from the right audience in real-time. During testing, Website Card Ads showed higher engagement and CTRs with a lower cost-per-click (CPC) as compared to similar Tweets containing an image and link.

  • UK-based mobile company Three received 64% more URL clicks with a 26% increase in engagement rate
  • Citrix reduced CPCs during testing by 92%
  • Betabrand reduced CPCs by 85%

2) Additional Traffic & Conversions: Twitter designed Website Card Ads to drive increased traffic and conversions for advertisers—another move towards making Twitter more of a direct response channel. With the ability to customize image, text and website URLs based off the content a brand chooses to display, Twitter expects brands to drive more relevant traffic and conversions with greater flexibility. Website Card Ads should also be used in conjunction with Twitter’s online conversion tracking to measure end-to-end conversions. BEST PRACTICES To maximize the benefits of Website Card Ads, brands should:

  • Align tweet copy with a relevant image
  • Use the image to clearly communicate your value proposition. Ensure text within the image is readable on mobile devices.
  • Pair your creative with niche targeting to appeal to the right audience
  • Test and measure multiple images and tweet copy combinations to optimize your campaigns

For more info on Twitter Website Card Ads, please contact your Performics Account Team today.

May 1, 2014

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Twitter has announced a new ad unit called Website Card Ads, which now appear in users’ Timelines on desktop and mobile. Website Card Ads are an […]
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