Unlike other Facebook ads, Dark Page Posts give advertisers the ability to control exactly who sees certain posts. They differ from “published” content because they don’t appear on a page’s Timeline or in fans’ News Feeds. Instead, this “unpublished” content can only be seen by those users in the target segment who click-through a direct link to the post.  Prior to Dark Page Posts, when advertisers launched Page Post Ads, they would show up in all fans’ feeds.  This meant that both new and existing customers would see the same ad.  It also meant that advertisers would often have to roll out large campaigns without being able to test creative/targeting to smaller, more defined audiences beforehand. DARK PAGE POST OPPORTUNITIES Dark Page Posts function as unpublished content that can appear in all Facebook placements, including the News Feed on mobile and desktop.  They can be delivered as status updates, photos, videos, questions or shared content. ScreenHunter_06 Mar. 31 15.59Advantages of Dark Page Posts include: 1. Audience Targeting: Ability for more control over who sees a message.  Advertisers can limit unpublished posts to specific groups of fans, or even target non-fans 2.  Geo Targeting:  Advertisers can create geo-targeted Dark Page Posts with messaging that will only show to fans in certain geos—not all fans 3.  Visibility:  Capture additional views through larger real estate as Dark Page Post Ads can be 400 x 300 pixels or 300 x 400 pixels, compared to standard Facebook Domain Ads, which are 110 x 80 pixels. This larger real estate makes the units much more visible and engaging, especially when the creative is paired with a strong call-to-action. 4.  Testing:  Use Dark Page Posts to test creative and targeting combinations; don’t provide the same content to your whole audience.  Testing best practices include:

  • Test factors that will drive the biggest return on investment like messaging, creative and targeting combinations
  • A/B or split test to optimize creative before rolling out broad live promotions; Dark Posts can be treated as a test for a potential post to be placed in your Timeline
  • Test different offer/promotional copy that doesn’t necessarily align with your publishing plan to see if it generates more engagement

5.  Viral Lift: Dark Page Posts also showcase social context (i.e. Likes, comments and shares) and will inherently generate viral lift. As people engage with the ads—as they would any other piece of content in their News Feeds (be it by Liking, commenting or sharing)—their friends will also see this activity. Advertisers benefit from this additional, free wave of visibility. Peer endorsements like this are especially powerful; according to Forrester Research, “70% of buyers trust the recommendations of their friends and family.”  Leveraging the power of peer-to-peer communication delivers no- or low-cost brand lift and increased brand awareness and loyalty. The beauty of Dark Page Posts is that they combine the look-and-feel of traditional organic engagement posts with the granular targeting of paid advertising. Performics believes that Dark Page Posts should be part of every advertiser’s Facebook toolkit—whether they’re used to leverage a more engaging ad type for offer-heavy creative, test prior to amplification of organic content or simply to inform organic publishing. For more info on Dark Page Posts, please contact Performics today!

March 31, 2014

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Unlike other Facebook ads, Dark Page Posts give advertisers the ability to control exactly who sees certain posts. They differ from “published” content because they don’t […]
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