Breaking Through “The Force”

Post by Burcu Agma, Communications Planner

Since “Force Friday”, September 9, marketers across the globe promoted their Star Wars inventory in prime placements, and with healthy budgets. Industry experts expect $1 billion dollars in Star Wars toy sales by the end of this year, and the efforts to make this happen were evident with loud omni-channel advertising campaigns and special promotions over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday week.

At Performics, we evaluate high demand shopping periods through the analysis of consumer demand and advertiser responses via consumer search and social media behavior, and through this year’s analysis, so far we’ve seen the following:2

Most Popular Brands in Star Wars Conversations (11/26/15-11/30/15):

  1. Kohl’s (89%) – Dominated social conversations with movie ticket and action figure competitions.
  2. Amazon (10%)
  3. Toys R’Us (3%)
  4. Walmart (3%)
  5. EA Games (3%)

What should retailers do about this?

With two weeks left in the holiday shopping season, we encourage retailers to take note of searcher and social demand for their brand, and top products – so that you can accelerate sales. If you’re a seller of Star Wars merchandize – prioritize the placement, targeting and optimization around the key characters and toy types that we’ve uncovered as of late, and keep a pulse on how these change in the coming days and weeks.

May the force be with you!


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