Case Study: Contextual Display Targeting Drives High-Quality, Cost-Effective Leads

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January 14, 2010
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January 20, 2010

Case Study: Contextual Display Targeting Drives High-Quality, Cost-Effective Leads

Posted by Jonathan Fusco, Account Director


Working with a lead-generation client, the business objective was to drive incremental revenue at an effective CPL (cost per lead) using contextually-targeted display ads.  In addition, the leads were required to meet a level of quality that would deliver to a goal of long-term customer value.


Rather than using traditional keyword-targeted contextual advertising aimed at the product-level, Performics implemented a consumer-focused approach aimed at acquiring new customers by targeting sites with content related to the interests and hobbies most associated with the client's existing customers. This allowed for a broader reach and an increased likelihood to reach relevant consumers who shared affinities associated with the brand. In addition, Performics tracked view-through conversions to help identify leads delivered in search that were assisted by exposure to impressions in display advertising.


  • 1-month effort drove an incremental lift of 10% in leads at a cost-per-lead 20% lower than goal
  • In addition, display impressions from the contextually-targeted effort assisted in over 5% of search-driven leads
  • Customers reached through contextual display targeting were over 30% more likely to be exposed to the brand for the first time, driving valuable new customers with long-term value
  • Secondary conversion metrics showed new leads driven from this effort performed on-par with paid search in delivering lifetime value from new customers

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