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The Performics Weekly Digital Digest provides a recap of this week’s latest digital news. The news covered each week may vary, due to new trends and hot topics continuously emerging. United States Performics Authored

  • A CMO Briefing: Automated Intuition – Putting Big Participant Data Into Action
    • AUTOMATED INTUITION: Advertisers activate Big Data to customize ads at scale, by intent, across devices, in real-time to better connect with participants.
    • Leverage Big Data at scale through:
      • (1) Google Enhanced Campaigns –Start by creating fluid, non-siloed, experiences across devices.
      • (2) retargeting/remarketing – Through retargeting, marketers can make automated inferences to engage specific participants that have already visited their website for a purchase, put an item in their shopping cart or engaged with them in another capacity.
      • (3) personalization – In 2012, Google unified its Privacy Policy to allow permission to share valuable user data across all Google services.
      • (4) Twitter Keyword Targeting – This new capability creates “real-time” targeting for advertisers, similar to traditional paid search ads on search engines or content networks. 
  • Increase Visibility Through Location Extensions With Multiple Addresses
    • As searchers increasingly seek out local content, brick-and-mortar locations should deploy local search strategies to help drive traffic to their physical stores.
    • One new Google feature to take advantage of is Location Extensions with Multiple Addresses. This ad format allows you to list multiple relevant locations of your stores in a particular area.
    • Benefits include:
      •  Increase chances for your participant base to find their ideal location.
      • Capitalize on location information and drive in-store sales.
      • Engage both potential and current business.

 Channel Insights Social

  • eMarketer Report: Worldwide Social Network Users: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates
    • Nearly one in four people worldwide will use social networks in 2013. Report highlights include:
    • The number of social network users around the world will rise from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion this year, an 18% increase.
    • Asia-Pacific has the largest social network user base, with an audience of 777 million people and a share of 44.8% of social network users worldwide expected by the end of this year.
    • Beginning in 2016, Latin America will pass Western Europe in social network user penetration.
  • Instagram is Introducing Videos
    • Instagram is launching, “Video on Instagram,” that lets people create 15 seconds videos to share on the service.
    • Simple editing capabilities as well as 13 new filters, which were specially created for video.
    • Available to all Instagram users on iOS and Android as of yesterday.
    • Users can also choose a cover photo for their videos, which will appear in the stream as a regular photo.


  • MediaPost: Yahoo Launches Lead Gen Biz
    • Yahoo Small Business launched Yahoo Localworks to help companies generate leads and become more visible through search query results, directories and map applications such as Mapquest and Bing Map
    • Yahoo Localworks checks directories and pushes business profiles and content to more than 40 online directories across the Web to increase visibility through more than 150 million local searchers monthly.
    • Listings serve up on desktop, mobile and GPS navigation devices to help potential customers find information. Videos, photos and other social content help listings stand out.


  • Millward Brown & SessionM Study: Mobile Users Want to Be Paid for Their Attention
    • Only 9% of users have a favorable view of mobile ads.
    • Reward-based ads succeed when the creative execution is timely, relevant and chosen by the consumer.
      • 75% of consumers say their favorability towards a mobile ad depends on how the ad was presented to them.
      • 92% of consumers say they want to choose the type of reward they receive. It’s not a ‘reward’ if its not something they want.
      • 68% of consumers prefer to know for certain they’ll get a reward, rather than be surprised.


  • ComScore: Consumers Watched Nearly 41 Billion Online Videos in May
    • Over 180 million American consumers watched close to 41 billion online content videos in May.
    • Google Sites once again came in as the top online video content property with 154.5 million unique viewers (primarily driven by video consumption on YouTube), followed by Facebook with 60.4 million.
    • Consumers watched 15.8 billion video ads in May.
    • The average length of an online video was reported to be 5.6 minutes long, while the average length of an online video ad was 0.4 minutes.

Industry Insights Retail

  • Nielsen, xAd and Telmetrics: U.S. Mobile Path-to-Purchase
    • 60% of smartphone users and 53% of tablet users having completed purchases related to their mobile activity.
    • 53% of mobile users are making their purchases offline or in-store
    • 57% of smartphone searchers go directly to the branded app or website, however, on tablets the discovery methods vary by category.
  • KPMG: Retail Industry Is Expanding In Advertising, Social
    • Retailers are planning to spend big on more stores, digital technology and marketing initiatives in the year ahead.
    • Retailers are definitely in growth mode, with 85% saying that capital spending will stay the same or increase in the year ahead.
    • About 61% of chains will increase spending in geographical expansion, 40% on information technology, and 24% in advertising and marketing.
    • When KPMG queried the execs about which tech trends are having a major impact on their business, 71% named social media (up from 58% last year); 52% say mobile and online shopping, and 51% selected online and mobile coupons and promotion.

Global Insights UK

  • Nielsen, xAd and Telmetrics: Mobile Path to Purchase
    • U.K. mobile searchers demonstrate strong purchase intent, however less overall immediacy than U.S. searchers.
    • 40% of U.K. mobile searchers report intending to make a purchase within the day and an additional 35% take up to a month before making a purchase decision.
    • Smartphone users demonstrate more immediate needs than tablets searchers with 22% looking to make a purchase within an hour of their search.
    • 50% of both smartphone and tablet searchers expect search locations to be within walking or driving distance.

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