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Google has recently released a new feature enabling users to save images, similar to the way Pinterest currently works.

According to the Press Chronicle, the new feature, called “Collections,” will work in conjunction with users’ Google+ accounts. According to TechCrunch, the Google “Collections” feature allows users to:

  • Filter image results: After searching Google Images, a selection of filters will pop-up towards the top of the results. Searchers can filter through descriptions to find what they’re really looking for.
  • Star images: If a user likes an image, they can favorite it, or “star” it. This allows users the opportunity to bucket images into different categories and folders.
  • View saved images: There’s also an icon available for users to quickly access their saved images

The bucketing feature within “Collections” makes the tool more similar to Pinterest. Users can separate images they’ve starred into categories, such as “Climbing Junkie Photos”:


Image courtesy of Google

Users can create any number of photos on multiple topics for inspiration, like “wedding ideas” or “vacation ideas.” Any type of image that can be found on Google can be used and sorted, giving users the ability to collect and group their ideas together in an organized way. Currently, this “Collections” feature is only available in the U.S. through mobile phones and tablets.


As previously noted in our Industry Alert on Pinterest’s new “Visual Search” tool, Pinterest is now starting to consider itself more of a search tool than a social networking site. Because of this, Google may be becoming a closer Pinterest competitor. However, Pinterest’s platform is still a richer social image experience, as Google is in the beginning stages of rolling out and testing the new feature. As a brand that uses Pinterest to promote products/services and campaigns, it would be very wise to start investing your time in Google as well:

  • First thing’s first – create a Google+ page. Treat it as a platform to share information about your brand, images about your products and services, and other useful information that will capture consumers’ attention.
  • Optimize the images you place on Collections. Remember, these images will show up in a Google image search, so although they’ll be placed on a social media platform, Google+, they still need to be optimized. Ensure that you’re using relevant keywords and tagging back to your website when possible, as noted in our Pinterest “Visual Search” article, which also provides insight on SEO tips for social media platforms.

Collections will foster new opportunities for better visibility and engagement, and it’s definitely worth a test, especially if you’re already employing a Pinterest or Google+ strategy.

To learn more about Google+ Collections and optimizing your social media platforms, contact your Performics account team today.

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