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Post by Parker Jessup, Media Manager

Recently, Google introduced shoppable product cards to its YouTube video formats. This update aligns with Google’s effort to make YouTube a more actionable channel for advertisers, allowing them to showcase various products available for purchase directly within the video player on both mobile and desktop devices.

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New Opportunity for Direct Response

YouTube’s new cards are a major opportunity for direct response retailers that have been hesitant to allocate budget to video because they are skeptical of video advertising’s ability to drive conversions. With shoppable cards, product details like price, color and availability are featured within the card alongside a photo. If a user clicks on the card, they are driven to the product page of the retailer’s website where they can complete a purchase. Featured products are directly pulled from a product feed, allowing for real-time accuracy in regard to availability and pricing.

This drastically shortens the path to conversion when compared to traditional broadcast media, driving instant purchase consideration from the consumer and increased profitability on the part of the advertiser. Moreover, it creates an opportunity for advertisers to begin creating digital video content that features a small subset of products and highlights their use cases, demonstrating value to a consumer.

In addition to featuring products, advertisers can also use cards to surface social media outlets, YouTube video playlists, their own website and more. This creates unique opportunities for an advertiser to tell a story that lives across channels, ushering consumers toward integrated, holistic brand experiences.

In many ways, the cards have been developed to replace and improve upon annotations – allowing greater flexibility with what an advertiser can feature and, perhaps most importantly, delivering seamless integration across device types.

YouTube Card Best Practices

YouTube cards are a great new option for advertisers.  Examples of use cases include:

  • Leverage shoppable cards to showcase makeup products alongside a beauty tutorial
  • Showcase holiday-specific sale products alongside holiday branded video content
  • Surface subsequent episodes of digital video content using a video or playlist card
  • Add social media cards to video content to spur discussion across channels
  • Feature loyalty program in video content and use a card that drives to a sign-up page

For more info on direct response & social opportunities on YouTube, please contact your performance media account team today.

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