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One in every six Americans is Hispanic.  Currently the largest ethnic or racial minority with 53 million people, the Hispanics population is expected to more than double by 2060.  As a group, they over-index on adopting technology – mobile, social media, online video consumption, etc., and make up 16% of all internet users.  To better engage this audience, marketers must embrace their culture and understand the key differences between the US General Market and the US Hispanic Market. Performics’ performance marketing strategies are built around four key participation pillars.  These pillars enable us to better engage with a targeted audience by understanding their culture and connecting through digital touch points and journeys. To generate brand participation and performance outcomes in the Hispanic market, consider the following strategies: Visibility – Manage brand exposure, impressions and impact to increase visibility across different geo-markets, language nuances and dialects, and across different screens and channels.   Some important facts to consider when marketing to this segment:

  • about two-thirds of Hispanics live in just 5 states
  • there are five main different Hispanic languages
  • 80% of Hispanics use Google search monthly, and 80% of those searches are in Spanish
  • 76% access the Internet on a mobile device

Relevancy – Balance Hispanic participant needs and product / brand positioning to ensure relevancy through digital experiences that increase engagement.  What you should do:

  • embrace the culture; don’t just translate content
  • know their passion points
  • understand their mobile behaviors vary by interest – mobile campaigns need to be targeted differently than desktop

Conversion – Understand the intersection between intent and action to motivate and measure behavior changes, real-time data, and campaign impacts to drive Hispanic participation.  To drive action:

  • capitalize on the high instance of mobile use, for many it is their only means of access
  • be present across channels
  • leverage Google Enhanced Campaigns

Optimization – Continue to seek out the “scientific method” that improves marketing programs to achieve greater conversions and increased Hispanic engagement.  To continually achieve goals:

  • assess current position in Hispanic Market
  • adjust account structure around the audience

Gaining a better understating of how performance is driven through participation enables marketers to engage with today’s participants on a deeper level, embracing their interests, passions and culture. How can you activate the pillars to help you drive Hispanic market participation and performance?  Contact Performics for more information.

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