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Post by Bailey Allen, Associate Media Manager


Facebook may be launching ads within its Messenger app.

If this is so, ads in Messenger will come on the heels of significant evolution of the app. Last January, Facebook announced that its Messenger app had reached over 800 million monthly users. The app has had significant growth since its release in 2011. By 2015, users were not only able to share text and voice messages, pictures, stickers, GIFs, video clips and locations with other users, but they could also communicate with brands and share money as well.

By the end of 2015, Messenger launched a transportation platform that integrated with Uber. The idea was to give users a single platform to manage day-to-day activities vs. switching between different apps on a smartphone. Unlike other apps with similar capabilities, Facebook hadn’t used this platform for advertising—until now.


The implementation of ads in Facebook Messenger will give brands an additional outlet to connect with users who have previously interacted with them via Messenger. Exact details have yet to be released, but opportunities for brands may include:

  • Brands may gain higher impressions and conversion rates with existing customers by leveraging link placement within Messenger.
  • Like YouTube Sponsored Video Ads, Messenger may be inclined to do the same, based on the type of products/services the targeted audience has expressed interest in.
  • Brands may be able to create graphics to build awareness around brand and product information.
  • Just as Twitter offers Sponsored Ads and Facebook offers Sponsored Posts, Messenger may provide sponsored chats to engage consumers.
  • Brands may be able to provide retargeting ads to remind previous users to continue shopping or notify them of a lower price on something they were previously shopping for.

Uncovering the consumer’s behavior and motivation is important for success in Messenger ads. By interacting on a personal level with users, brands will most likely experience a higher return on investment than with traditional advertising. This will give brands more meaningful ways to interact with loyal consumers through customized experiences.

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