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Post by Caterina Merenda, Marketing Specialist, Content with insights from Jessica Aguilar, Director of Planning & Insights

Pinterest is evolving from an “ideas” board to a platform for commerce. To illustrate, Pinterest’s new “Buyable Pins” will have a significant impact on the way Pinterest users discover, and now potentially buy, products.

As discussed in a previous blog post, Pinterest is in the beginning stages of identifying as a search engine rather than a social media platform. The new “Visual Search” tool combined with “Buyable Pins” gives Pinterest users shopping experiences that are unique from any other platform.

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As Pinterest increasingly becomes “shoppable,” advertisers must fully understand the intent of Pinterest users in order to engage them. They can then create Pinterest ad experiences that lead to conversions.

Strategies to gain insights into Pinterest users’ intent (and then deliver Buyable Pins to that intent) include:

  • Create Buyable Pins for products the consumer has previously expressed interest in or will likely express interest in based on data and research.
  • Base Pinterest ads around the way the consumer shops. By learning about what purchases they’ve already made through Pinterest, you can gain understanding into the types of products they’re willing to buy through this platform. What price range are they shopping at? What competitors are they buying from? Is there a specific product type that they’re interested in through Pinterest?
  • Create Buyable Pins based on the consumer’s interests. What kind of boards have they created? Which of their boards have the most Pins? Is there a pattern with the type of content they’re pinning?
  • Follow the consumer’s phases in their purchase journey. Pinterest allows users to create boards for the future: for weddings, babies, events, holidays and more. This gives us insight into what they’re actually planning on doing and what they’re going to need to purchase. If our client makes it to the consumers’ future planning boards, there is a clear indication that we are in their consideration set.
  • Understand the target audience and find out which boards they’re most frequently adding Pins to. This will give insight into what they find important – what are they most often searching for? If what they are searching for most happens to fall into our client’s industry/product category, this gives us enough promise to present Buyable Pins.
  • Take note of how often consumers are revisiting boards, what Pins they’re revisiting, and if they’re shopping elsewhere after visiting Pinterest. This helps us gauge how interested the consumer really is in the product they’ve pinned. Are they shopping around elsewhere for it? Is this for price reasons or is it because they don’t feel they have access to purchase through Pinterest? Looking into these aspects will give us the insight we need to present Pins more clearly giving the consumer the opportunity to purchase.



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