CES 2015 Observations & Looking Forward: A Note from Worldwide CEO Michael Kahn

I just returned from a week at CES in Las Vegas where all the latest and greatest technology advancements and innovations are shared each year. I have two primary observations from this year’s gathering:

  1. Rather than any big news about a new technological breakthrough, this year’s CES was about the evolution of technologies already being developed, marketed and scaled. This included connected cars, connected homes, 3D printing, smarter devices/sensors of all kinds and wearables. A common theme heard today is The Internet of Everything, and the technology development/diversity on display and being advanced at CES supported this notion.
  2. The more powerful news at this year’s CES was about marketing capability supporting the technology, and based on ever expanding data sets and the use of that data to deliver personalized messaging, personalized experiences, remarketing opportunities and enhanced servicing/support. In parallel with the data discussions, was accelerated discussion about online video and growing consumer consumption and creation of it.

During CES, I was part of key partner meetings with AOL, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo!. The common threads for each of these discussions centered around the role of content, increasing video consumption and platform capability, brand and performance marketing stacks and delivering personalized experiences. Many of these partners shared robust innovation roadmaps focused on increasing consumer engagement as well as empowering marketer effectiveness. To excel in a digital marketing landscape filled with unlimited opportunity, I believe brands need to apply both a horizontal and vertical approach: Horizontally developing the strategies, practices, technology and tools to work across all partners, platforms and screens. Vertically working with each key partner to invest in every material opportunity to acquire and engage your targeted customer. These are no small tasks and require disciplined focus and resource investment. As we move past CES and energetically into 2015, we look forward to winning across these horizontal and vertical dimensions with all the brands we serve. In an environment where marketing innovation is setting the pace, it is a brand imperative. Michael Kahn Global CEO Performics

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