Launch of Aviva Community Fund UK Through Charitable Groups

Launch of Aviva Community Fund UK Through Charitable Groups

“A campaign like this genuinely calls upon the hearts and minds of communities and positions us as something other than a large corporate brand; this is very important to us as a business that wants to demonstrate that we care more and have a real desire to create legacy.”

-Maurice Tulloch, CEO UK & Ireland GI, Aviva


The Aviva Community Fund in the UK is a charitable initiative that encourages local community groups to submit their cause for a chance to win a grant of up to ₤25,000. Aviva Community Fund sought to create awareness and drive entries and votes.


The Aviva Community Fund targeted local community groups.


Prior to the launch of the Aviva Community Fund, the main goal was to ensure that all ACF online content was highly visible, geo-targeted and engaging. Performics leveraged multiple teams for this initiative:

  • SEO Team: Guided Aviva UK development and UX teams to ensure the platform was optimized for entries and visibility. The team also ensured all accessibility and indexation issues were negated before launch:
    • Led implementations across multiple markets
    • Implemented technical fixes to negate duplication issues
    • Interlinked between ACF subdomain and to disperse authority
  • Display Team: Used an MSN takeover and YouTube headline to promote the cause, encouraging users to register and help Aviva ‘do more for the cause you care about.’
  • PPC Team: Used paid search and YouTube skippables to kick-start search visibility and build a more personalized engagement.
  • Social Team: Optimized video assets and distributed them through Twitter and Facebook.


Performics’ implementations for the launch of ACF caused the following successes:

  • Due to MSN and YouTube, 16.5 million users were reached in 24 hours
  • Video assets were distributed to over 10 million users through Facebook & Twitter
  • Drove a 50% increase in awareness of Aviva’s cause-related marketing, with those aware of the ACF campaign being 22% more likely to consider buying an Aviva policy
  • Almost 3,500 local initiatives entered and 4.1 million votes were cast
  • Gained 180 million impressions and 435,000 registered users
  • Earned 236,000 clicks
  • Caused the development of 826 coverage pieces

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