Developing Creative Content in Spanish: Keyword Planning & Research Recommendations

Post by Caterina Merenda, Copywriter

Developing fresh, new content for a website can be time consuming. Occasionally, you may have to build out new and creative ideas that can be turned into articles, infographics, quizzes, etc. This can be tricky, especially when conducting keyword research for new creative initiatives and trying to match those ideas in another language, which will likely have different search volume.

Basically, you will be developing different creative ideas for each language depending on your keyword research. It is rare that keywords in one language have a direct equivalent in other languages, especially when you’re searching for long tail keywords.

Keyword Research & Planning for Creative Content in Spanish:

Let’s say for a consumer package goods (CPG) client, we decide to conduct a search on toilet paper to explore new content; this is where we would try to find keywords with high search volume that can be developed into creative content.

For example, these keywords were found to have a decently high search volume in English:


In Spanish, there are two common ways to say “toilet paper:” papel higiénico and papel de baño. If we tried to mimic these exact keywords in Spanish, here’s what the search volume results would look like:


The search results for the Spanish equivalent are poor, so developing new content that matches the English content wouldn’t be a great choice. Instead, we would have to develop a whole new set of ideas to engage the Spanish-speaking audience.

Here are some high-search volume keywords that are specific enough to build out creative content:


Listed is the keyword “papel higienico colorido,” which, in essence, is the same as “papel higienico en color.” So, playing around with keywords and phrases is really important and takes time, but the keyword volume for “papel higienico colorido” is still not as high as the other suggestions which include topics like “bundle” or “flowers.”

High Level Takeaways:

The heart of this project is simply finding the right keywords. From there, you can create new content and brainstorm fresh ideas. Remembering that English keywords don’t always have the same resonance with other languages, whether you’re working in Spanish, French, etc., is crucial. Be on the lookout for new ideas, creative content, and multiple keyword ideas to get the best possible content for your website in any language.

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