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Study Says Consumers Share Data with Trusted Brands | < 5 Minute Read A study across 5 countries found that consumers are willing to share their personal data - even if it isn't required - if they consider the brand trustworthy. Additionally, 8 out of 10 consumers would share data for rewards, cash back, "experiential" benefits like recommendations or resources, or for location-based discounts or special-event invites. Consumers feel more sensitive about sharing their name, number, address, or date of birth. They feel less sensitive about sharing social network access, email, web history, purchase history, and lifestyle info. You can access Columbia Business School's full report by clicking here.

  •  Bonus: Is PII Still the 3rd Rail of Privacy for Ad Tech? | 5 Minute Read
    This article unpacks core privacy rules created in 2000 and ventures that as the industry has changed drastically, and the Internet of Things exponentially increases the amount of digital data we can collect through watches, thermostats, appliances, or more, it is worth asking if some of the old privacy rules and structure still make sense.

Google Is Now Publishing Holiday Store Hours for Maps and Search | < 5 Minute Read Recognizing a major paint point for last-minute holiday shoppers and that 61% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from mobile sites or apps that customize information to their location, Google announced Friday that it will show whenever a major holiday is happening in maps and pages results. This feature will be available worldwide. If hours aren’t listed by a store online, Google will display a warning message reminding users that hours might be different than normal.

The Sharing Economy | 10 Minute Read
The “sharing economy” has revolutionized travel with AirBnB and transportation with Uber. While this eMarketer report says that the sharing economy is unlikely to disrupt a vertical like retail the same way, it has still revolutionized the way people think about shopping. This includes raising consumer expectations for convenient shopping, competitive price and selection, as well as increased value in sustainability and social benefit. Click through to read more about the size and impact of the sharing economy, and the impact it is projected to have on retail.

Predictions 2016: The Mobile Revolution Accelerates | 10 Minute Read
This Forrester report unpacks the “mobile mind shift” and how consumers’ expectations are soaring, pressuring brands to be better at tapping into contextual data that serves the consumers better. Projections say that consumers will streamline their app experiences and that mobile will influence 30% of sales in 2016, highlighting that it is essential for brands to treat mobile as a core to the whole experience and not just a channel. Moreover, only about 25% of companies in 2016 will make mobile core to their customer experience, indicating a major opportunity for brands to address consumer needs on mobile throughout the journey.

  • Bonus: How to Create a “Customer Obsessed” Company Culture
    Forrester analyzed 30 companies and interviewed C-level executives to understand the common core for success in creating a customer-obsessed transformation in a company. This report details the fundamental reset of day-to-day operations required to drive the change.

The 5 Automobile Shopping Moments Every Brand Must Own | <5 Minute Read Google shows 5 essential micro-moments automotive brands need to own to reach their customers across the experience journey. This includes: 1) "Which Car is Best" moments (6 out of 10 car shoppers enter the market unsure of what car to buy), 2) "Is it Right for Me" moments, 3) "Can I Afford It" moments (50% of trade-in value searches are on mobile), 4) "Where Should I Buy" moments (2X increase in 'car dealership near me' search interest), and 5) "Am I getting a Deal" moments (over 50% of car buyers use their mobile while at the dealership).

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