Social Plan Increased Engagement for Nestle

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December 8, 2015

Social Plan Increased Engagement for Nestle

Social Plan Increased Engagement for Nestle


Nestlé’s Leche Evaporada IDEAL and La Lechera’s biggest competitor in the region is Leches Dos Pinos. The brands have been competing to have the largest community on Facebook and highest engagement rates since its pages launched.


Nestlé’s target participant is young women looking to create delicious dishes and desserts in an easy practical way. The core audience comes from Costa Rica, a country which participated in the World Cup. Nestle’s participants sought to pamper family and friends through easy-but-tasty recipes.


A two-phase media strategy was launched:

  1. Reach and gain new fans
    • Phase one took place over the month of May, targeting female Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 35, focusing on Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras
  2. Generate interactions from a larger fan base
    • Phase two took place over the month of June, just after the World Cup started

Performics aligned content marketing strategy with media buying strategy. June’s content posts were scheduled in line with the World Cup. Content celebrated the performance of the teams, in particular Costa Rica, whose fans created the largest portion of ideas for Nestlé's fan base.


By investing $9,600 on Facebook ads over two months, we were able to grow Nestlé's Ideas para Consentir’s Facebook community and increase its fan page’s engagement rates. Ideas para Consentir was able to meet and surpass its competitors in less time than expected.

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