Driving Performance with Gmail Ads

Post by Fidess Ferrer, Media Director

Gmail Ads are delivered straight to users’ Gmail accounts; they look like emails, but contain a promotional message. Within Gmail, there are three tabs: Primary, Social, and Promotions. Gmail Ads are sent straight to consumers’ Promotions tab. This method is less invasive and allows the consumer to view the messaging on their time.

While this is still an upper-level funnel tactic, there are three specific Gmail backend metrics, or conversions, that are tracked and referred to as Gmail QT: Gmail Saves, Gmail Forwards and Gmail Clicks to Website.

Recently, our Performance Media team utilized Gmail Ads for a more targeted approach. The team chose four different targeting methods for Gmail Ads: Domain, Keyword Contextual, Interest Topics, and In-Market.

Here’s how each of the targeting categories performed at the end of a month-long flight:

  • Domain – Drove 44% of all email opens and 42% of all Gmail QT
  • Keyword Contextual – Had the strongest Gmail forwards CTR, 29% higher than other targets
  • Interest Topics – Highest open-email CTR and lowest CPC
  • In-Market – Strongest website CTR

With this newly implemented strategy, Performics was able to drive a large increase of clicks to our client’s website.

In terms of cost, Gmail clicks run 93% less than paid search brand CPCs, making them a cost-effective way to entice your consumer.

For more information on Gmail Ads, please contact your performance account team today.


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