Driving ROI with Yahoo! Mail Text Links

Posted by Leigh-Ann Colson, Account Manager, Paid Search

Yahoo! Mail text links can be a great promotional strategy for advertisers running ROI-based campaigns.  The Yahoo! Mail text link is a 25 by 25 image with two lines of text (15 characters per line) that sits in the upper left corner of Yahoo! Mail.  The ad can also be positioned in the southwest corner of the page.  Being located near the major focus of user navigation, the ad gets a lot of eyeballs.

Yahoo text 

The Yahoo! Mail text link is a premium placement that appears on all pages of the site.  The ads are particularly effective in driving ROI because they can be targeted to Yahoo! Mail users based on behavior, geography or demographics.

Performics recently saw great success in using Yahoo! Mail text links to behaviorally target users that were in market for a specific electronics product.  We found that ads positioned in the upper left corner drove the most conversions.  From 1/14/2009 to 1/17/2009, the ads highlighted a strong promotion and drove a 1.83 to 1 ROI.  In fact, 60% of the transactions from the campaign resulted from ad copy that highlighted a strong promotion.  The most effective ads ran in the upper left corner and featured the ad copy: “5 Day Sale 50% off [product].”

Advertisers should keep Yahoo! Mail text links in mind when running promotions.  The ability to target Yahoo! Mail users based on behavior, geography and demographics, along with the high visibility of the upper left corner position can result in great success.

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