Driving Traffic with Yahoo! SSP Paid Inclusion

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June 4, 2008
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June 9, 2008

Driving Traffic with Yahoo! SSP Paid Inclusion

Posted by Chris Keating, Manager (Natural Search)

Yahoo! SSP (also called Paid Inclusion) is an often misunderstood opportunity for marketers to improve keyword ranking on Yahoo!, drive incremental traffic and control their message on the Yahoo! natural search results page.  Yahoo! SSP is direct content insertion via data feeds into the Yahoo! natural search results.  SSP ensures rapid indexation of content for feeds that can consist of Top Level Pages (TLP or homepage), Category Level Pages (CLP) and deeper Product Level Pages (PLP).

When it comes to Paid Inclusion, content is king.  The feeds submitted to Yahoo! include titles, descriptions, and invisible keyword/body fields.  The Yahoo! natural algorithm bypasses the native Web site content of submitted pages and instead indexes the pages based on the content in their feed.  This means that SSP ensures inclusion in to Yahoo!’s natural search index and that the natural search listing title and description text can be completely controlled by the marketer.  The listings can also include Quick Links, which are links under the search engine description that direct searchers to certain landing pages on the marketer’s site.

What Paid Inclusion Can Do for You:
– Listings can be refreshed within 48 hours
– Indexation can be ensured for deeper product pages, pages with complicated URLs, and pages that are Flash/Java Script-heavy without relying on the Yahoo! natural free crawl
– Visibility can be improved for generic and non-brand queries
– Natural search results page copy can be completely controlled to maximize rank and clickability
– Feeds can be optimized for common misspellings and alternate forms of your brand name
– Natural search page listings can be kept current by including promotional and seasonal language to drive traffic

Yahoo! SSP also nicely complements a paid search and natural search strategy.  On the natural search side, SSP can help index pages that the Yahoo! spider may have trouble crawling, as well as gain coverage in the natural search results without making page level changes to your site.  SSP data can also give you long-tail keywords to test in paid search.

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