Notoriedad y ventas en canales online y offline para HP

Activación de un programa de influencers para generar ventas
January 17, 2020

Notoriedad y ventas en canales online y offline para HP

Awareness and Sales Across Online and Offline Channels for HP


HP sought to transform from a siloed-channel approach to a seamlessly integrated retail model. With more than 1,000 HP stores in China, HP wanted to find a way to promote their new printer, OfficeJet Pro 6830, to increase awareness and drive sales.


HP’s target audience includes:

  • Potential customers interested in printers
  • Non-resident audience located near HP stores with purchase intention


Since mobile is becoming a staple for most Chinese consumers, Performics designed a customer engagement strategy across online and offline channels to target potential consumers who are interested in HP:

  • Used Baidu to target consumers who search for “HP” or “printer”-related keywords
  • Used Baidu LBS to target non-resident audience, located near HP stores, with purchase intention on the most popular mobile apps in China
  • Used different strategies to target potential clients on Baidu
    • Used “Keywords + Location” to target non-resident users who searched related keywords and were near an HP store
    • For keyword targeting, all related keywords were divided into different groups based on the user’s journey. Different bidding tactics were set for each group, and Performics bid higher for the users who recently searched for “HP Printer”


After Performics developed targeting strategies and creative testing, HP saw excellent results for awareness, purchase intent and offline store visits:

  • Awareness: Earned more than 100 million impressions within 7 weeks for both PC and mobile
  • Purchase Intent: High percentage (>60% of the benchmark) of audience searched HP related keywords after seeing the display ad
  • Offline Store Visits: Over 1,000 visits to the nearest stores within 7 weeks by measuring the “Call” and “Find the Nearest Store” buttons

HP saw improved performance in LBS ads and PC DSP ads:

  • LBS Ads
    • Earned a 3.36% engagement rate, 0.41% CTR, and a 73.78% landing rate
  • PC DSP Ads
    • Earned a 1.45% engagement rate, 0.18% CTR, and a 57.64% landing rate

CPA Trends



Earned more than 100 million impressions


Over 1,000 visits to nearest HP stores by measuring click-through buttons

LBS Ads earned a 3.36% engagement rate

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